Thanks to some timely legislation and decreasing numbers of uninsured motorists, the cost of auto insurance in West Virginia has begun a slow but steady descent. On the heels of this good news, it's important to carefully consider your options for auto insurance and find the combination of plan, price, and coverage that fits your needs. We dug into the details and picked out the five best auto insurers in West Virginia to start your search with.

West Virginia Minimum Liability

West Virginia requires a minimum amount of auto insurance that must be carried to legally drive on the road. These compulsory coverage amounts are designed to protect both individuals and their property when involved in an accident. The mandatory coverage is $25,000 for bodily injury per person involved, $50,000 as a capped amount for bodily injuries per accident, and another $25,000 for property damage caused per accident. West Virginia also steps up its minimum requirements with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. These extras will protect you if you happen to make contact with an uninsured driver.

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $25,000 property damage coverage per accident

You’ll most often see these numbers expressed as 25/50/25, UM/UIM, when viewing coverage amounts in policy details.

These coverage minimums are among the higher amounts when comparing to other states’ minimums. Still, West Virginian drivers could find themselves in a bind if they carry only the most basic coverage. Imagine an accident with a moderately outfitted, mid-size SUV — a car that averages around $33,000 in today’s value. Even basic models of new cars include sensitive electronics, sensors, and high-tech materials, which can cause the cost of damages to skyrocket. If those costs exceed the current value of the vehicle, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in damages. This is why we highly recommend coverages at least twice these minimum amounts, so you and your family can rest easy knowing you’re well protected.

West Virginia Auto Insurance Reviews

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance has a lock on the best auto insurance in West Virginia because of its incredible customer satisfaction ratings. With an outstanding 5 stars out of 5 rating from J.D. Power’s overall policy satisfaction survey for this region of the country, Erie Insurance operates in a class of companies dominated by private insurers like USAA. These more exclusive providers are able to achieve such high scores in customer satisfaction because they serve and understand smaller, more specific communities. Yet Erie Insurance has been able to capture the same incredible ratings at every point in the customer experience. In J.D. Power’s national survey of specific claims satisfaction, Erie once again grabbed an impressive 4 out of 5 stars. When you stack that on top of Consumer Reports’ 94 out of 100 score, Erie outpaced every other top provider for West Virginia.

Granted, Erie Insurance doesn’t have the most discounts or coverage options in our roundup. That means it might not have the exact options you were looking for like Rideshare coverage or extra protection for your pets in an accident. If you’re looking for specific or uncommon types of coverage, we recommend skipping down to the next provider on the list. However, Erie’s list of coverage options should cover most drivers’ needs. Most notably, it offers a discount you won’t find with any other provider on this list. By reducing your car's usage to less than 90 consecutive days, you can qualify for break on your premium. This makes Erie Insurance our top pick for city dwellers. If you have access to public transportation to and from your work or school, choosing to split your travel methods between your private vehicle and public transport can bring significant policy savings as well as a great feeling for doing your part in making our streets a little greener!


Allstate was the runner up to Erie Insurance in J.D. Power’s regionally specific auto insurance satisfaction survey, with an industry-standard score of 3 out of 5 stars — the same score it received form J.D. Power’s national claims satisfaction survey. It came in about 6 points below Erie in Consumer Report’s survey, but did receive a similar (and the highest available) score of “Excellent” for timely payments to customers seeking a claim, which is a very important aspect to get right. If you’re involved in an accident, you don’t want to be waiting around to repair your car. With Allstate, you won’t be left endlessly waiting on the money you need to move on.

Allstate claims the top spot on our list for available discounts, offering savings for nearly everyone. Among the best, and most unique, is its early signing discount. If you shop for an Allstate policy at least one week prior to your current policy’s expiration date, you’re automatically qualified for 10% savings off your total premium. Allstate is our top pick for “serial-leasers”, as the only insurer with a 15% discount for owners of new cars (2 years old or less). Dealerships love to lease brand-new cars, and customers love the low-risk car ownership of a brand new vehicle — often completely covered by manufacturer and dealership warranties. By leasing a brand new car and trading in every year or two, owners can enjoy the latest features and superb reliability, while dealerships can take back low-mileage, recent-model vehicles to resale at a premium price. Allstate makes it easy for drivers with the newest cars on the road to find affordable car insurance.

State Farm

State Farm claims the most available coverage and endorsement options in our list of best auto insurers in West Virginia, including standards like roadside assistance and teen-driver coverage for those with new family members joining the policy. And it really stands out as our top pick for rideshare drivers. Whether you’re making a little extra cash on the weekends toting college kids around Morgantown with Lyft, or making a full-time living carrying business people through Charleston as an UberSelect driver, State Farm has you covered. Transportation Network Companies (TNC) offer their own insurance that extends to their remote drivers, but these policies are focused on protecting the company rather than the driver. It’s important to be fully covered in the event of an accident while operating under one of these licenses, and State Farm gives you that piece of mind with its rideshare coverage. Once you turn on your availability from your TNC’s app, State Farm’s plan kicks in, extending your personal coverage limits to your vehicle and passengers to the extent that you choose when purchasing a plan.

Unfortunately, State Farm received a few disappointing customer scores: 2 out of 5 stars, in J.D. Power’s regional survey. Generally we find that State Farm keeps a high standard of customer satisfaction across the nation, but it seems that its regional service isn’t quite up to par. However, State Farm did land in the top 20 national providers as listed by Consumer Reports’ claims satisfaction research, receiving the top marks for agent courtesy and quick claims restorations. Even better, it made the top 10 national providers in J.D. Power’s nationwide survey in claims satisfaction. That means it’s still worth getting a quote from State Farmwhen shopping for auto insurance.


Our final two top picks came in very close to each other on nearly every evaluation level. However, Progressive did squeak out a slightly better score — “excellent” — for its timely payouts over Nationwide, which received a “very good.” The companies offer similar coverage and discount options, but Progressive took home the most unique superlative in our group of best auto insurers: best for pet owners.

If one of your usual passengers is a furry friend, feathery pal, or any other creature companion, Progressive is the only provider offering a standard coverage that extends to them. Progressive’s collison endorsement includes a pet policy that is one of a kind and can protect your best friend by covering vet bills incurred by an accident.


Nationwide actually has the highest financial strength ratings of all of our best auto insurers in West Virginia. While all of these providers have good scores and sufficiently strong stability, Nationwide receives top marks from each of the three major financial evaluating agencies. Nationwide is also in J.D. Power’s top 10 insurers nationally, based on claims satisfaction.

Nationwide is one of only two providers (Allstate being the other) that offers discounts for being involved in various clubs or organizations. If you’re a college graduate, part of a professional organization, or a member of a credit union, there’s a good chance you’ll find extra savings on a Nationwide policy. Nationwide is also our top pick for families looking to have multiple drivers and vehicles on a single policy. This inclusive policy addition can actually end up saving you up to 25% of your total premium — one of the highest possible discounts we came across.

A Note on Quotes

You might have noticed that we never mentioned price as a factor in finding the best auto insurance in West Virginia. That’s because policy pricing is extremely subjective depending on a host of personal factors. Simply living one zip code down the road could drastically change the premium amount you’d be paying. Other factors include your personal credit and driving histories, what kind of car you drive, and even details such as marital status. On top of the highly personalized nature of each individuals situation, every insurer uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate your risk factor for filing a claim as based on your circumstances. Even though our hypothetical quotes can’t exactly mirror the results you may see, it shows the importance of shopping around. Check out how much we could have saved by simply checking five different providers:

6-month Premium
State Farm
Erie Insurance

All quotes are for 100/300/100, UM,UIM coverage.

We found an incredible $526 dollars in difference for identical coverage. Please note, however, that these numbers don’t mean Progressive will always beat State Farm’s price. Instead, it just shows that simply shopping around can net huge savings in your monthly costs. Just imagine what you could do with an extra $500 in your bank account every six months! If you’re current policy is coming to a close soon, we highly recommend gathering as many quotes as you can find, and the best place to start is with our list of the best auto insurance in West Virginia.

West Virginia Auto Insurance: Looking up, Trending down

West Virginia used to have some of the highest uninsured driver rates in the nation. But by incorporating a digital insurance verification system, it became much harder for people to cheat the mandatory insurance requirement. There is also very recent legislative push that would eliminate some taxpayer funded services like the West Virginia Courtesy Patrol that are made redundant by the common policy addition of roadside assistance, or standalone companies like AAA. All of these things have combined to slowly lower West Virginia down the list of most expensive states to insurer your vehicle. As laws and motorists continue their positive trend towards more complete coverage and better safety protocols, West Virginia can expect to continue to see their costs related to auto insurance go down.