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Wyoming’s auto insurance rates are on the low side — on average $1,442 per year, compared to the nationwide average of $1,669. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your car, your coverage, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

Average annual rate in Wyoming
$0 $5,000
North Carolina car owners pay the least
Average annual rate in the US
Michigan car owners pay the most

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Wyoming has a population of only 584,153, making it one of the least populated states in the country. It is known for its gorgeous wide open plains and the dramatic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the famed Yellowstone National Park. Because the land stretches out so far and wide here, it seems everyone relies on cars to get around. It’s a safe place to live, but it does experience some bad thunderstorms and flooding from time to time.

Wyoming Minimum Liability

Bodily Injury

per person
per accident

Property Damage

per accident

Wyoming’s minimum liabilities are pretty standard for the U.S. The state average for premiums is just a little below the national average and you’re required to have $25,000 of coverage per person and $50,000 per accident, as well as $20,000 for property damage. Insurance companies have different variables that they use to consider the rates they will offer and you want to hunt around to find the best possible option for your particular situation.

The average auto liability claim for property damage in 2013 was $3,231; the average auto liability claim for bodily injury was $15,443. What you need to take into consideration is that this is only the average cost of an accident and many accidents can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars in associated costs. You don’t want to have to bear the burden of these costs yourself, so it’s ideal to get the maximum amount of auto insurance coverage that you can afford.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Wyoming

Yearly Rate

  • $1,087
    State Farm
  • $1,046
    Liberty Mutual
  • $2,194

Auto insurance can be expensive and you might be mainly interested in cutting down on costs when looking for a provider. These are some very affordable auto insurance companies in Wyoming that also provide great service and can help ensure that you keep your monthly premiums low.

At the same time, when you choose a provider with low rates, remember that there are things that you may be giving up. For instance, one important factor when dealing with an insurance company is how easy it is to file claims. Look for a company that is affordable, but also has a good track record of keeping customers happy. Other things to consider are whether it’s a local vs. a national company, which could mean the difference between getting highly personalized attention and having to deal with a bank of agents over the phone.

Where is car insurance most affordable?

Even though it has a small population, Wyoming is a huge state that covers a lot of kinds of territory. Living near the mountains means that your car might get a little more wear and tear going up and down the steep roads while living out on the plains means you will probably be putting more miles on your car getting from place to place.

Cheyenne Auto Insurance

Population: 62,448

Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming and its most populous city with around 62,000 residents. It’s home to one of the nation’s oldest Air Force Bases, as well as the Nagle Warren Mansion, and it has over fifty locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It doesn’t offer much in the way of public transit, however, so residents will want to be sure to check out auto insurance offerings to get their vehicles covered.

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