Wyoming resides on the lower end of average auto insurance premiums across the country. Being the most sparsely populated state after Alaska is a major contributor to its reduced accident rates and lower premiums. Unfortunately, Wyoming drivers still have to deal with one of the highest rate increases when adding a young driver to a policy, as well as some of the toughest snow driving in the country. However, as researchers focus on making driving conditions safer and driver schools actively train new motorists, Wyoming can expect its rates to stay low or even make a bid for the lowest in the nation.

Wyoming Minimum Liability

Every state has a minimum amount of insurance that must be carried to protect the vehicles and people that may be involved in an accident. For Wyoming, this means all drivers must carry three coverage types: bodily injury coverage per person involved, bodily injury coverage cap per accident, and property damage coverage per accident. The minimum amounts of coverage required are as listed:

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $20,000 property damage coverage per accident

Most insurers will denote this policy in shorthand as 25/50/20.

These coverage minimums fall right in the middle of the pack when compared to other states. Far better than California’s super low requirements at 15/30/5, but not nearly as comprehensive as Maine’s 50/100/25 minimum. Either way, carrying only the minimum can leave you open to major financial responsibility in the event of an accident — even a minor one.

For example, imagine a hard crunch into the back of a relatively new mid-size SUV. This class of car averages around $35,000 in value, and with the electronics, high-tech materials, and miscellaneous sensors of modern automotive technology, the cost for replacement parts and labor after an accident can quickly exceed the limits of your basic insurance. We highly recommend doubling your state’s minimum requirements or extending that coverage as far as your budget will allow in order to be fully insulated from a major financial crisis as a result of a common accident.

Wyoming Auto Insurance Reviews


Wyoming drivers have at least four great choices to start their search for auto insurance with, but Farmers Insurance tops our list. Farmers scored well in J.D. Power’s regionally focused policy satisfaction survey, with an industry-standard 3/5 rating. Consumer Reports backed up J.D. Power’s findings with a claims satisfaction study of its own, where Farmers scored within the top 20 insurers across the country. Customer service scores are vitally important for auto insurance companies because they speak to the experience you can expect when something has gone wrong. The last thing you need after an accident is difficult service, and Farmers’ scores mean you can expect a high level of service from quote to claim. Farmers also tops this list as having one of the best-rated outlooks for stability from all three of the major financial evaluation institutions.

Farmers is very closely matched with our second-place pick, State Farm. However, Farmers earned our top pick with a few extra features, discounts, and an enhanced digital experience. One such inclusion that propels Farmers past the others is its Accident Forgiveness option. By adding this to your policy, Farmers will disregard one accident from affecting your premium every three years. Only Liberty Mutual, one of our other top competitors down the list, has the same add-on option. Other standout options include unique discounts for both young drivers (18 or younger) and mature drivers (50 or older).

One of Farmers’ most impressive features is its modern online quote tool called Farmers Fast Quote. When you’re answering multiple choice questions, it feels more like taking a Facebook quiz than a labor-intensive insurance form that many companies still use in their quote process. With Farmers’ dedication to improving this customer experience, you can rest assured that the company is working to improve the interaction you might have with your policy or agent. At the end of the day, that's what you really need from your insurance — an excellent experience with broad protection — and Farmers delivers.

State Farm

A close second for the best auto insurance in Wyoming, State Farm offers much of the same excellent service and coverage options as Farmers. J.D. Power gives State Farm consistent scores both regionally and nationally for claims experience and policy quality. Consumer Reports also rates State Farm with the same overall score (89/100) as Farmers, but actually gives the nod to State Farm over Farmers when it comes to timely payouts for accepted claims. When you do encounter an unfortunate incident, you won’t be left waiting for the money you need to repair your car or pay for doctor’s appointments in the case of physical injury. State Farm will have you covered.

State Farm also has its own unique coverage options that you might not be able to find with other providers. It’s our top pick for rideshare drivers as the only provider on our list to offer this extended coverage in Wyoming. Drivers for Uber, Lyft, or other Transportation Network Company (TNC) can benefit greatly from having State Farm’s Rideshare Driver coverage. Most TNCs offer their own insurance that extends to their contracted drivers, but these policies are in place primarily to insulate the company from liabilities in the event of an accident. It’s important to opt in for the extended coverage, which kicks in as soon as you switch your profile to “available” in your respective app, so that you, your vehicle, and your passengers are fully covered whether you’re making a few extra bucks over the weekend or making a living at it.


Progressive is another top contender to consider when looking for auto insurance in Wyoming. It received the same overall scores from J.D. Power as our top two companies, but Progressive squeaked out a better experience rating when it came to rental coverage and fulfilment. And when it comes to timely payouts, Consumer Reports awarded Progressive an overall score of 87/100, merely 2 points lower than both Farmers and State Farm.

Progressive has one of the most unique coverage options for drivers in Wyoming: pet coverage. It actually comes standard on any Progressive policy that includes collision coverage, and Progressive is the only provider that offers this option at all. If you love taking roadtrips with your best furry friend, we highly recommend giving this option a look before choosing your policy.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual slid to the bottom of our list because of a few unfortunate ratings from J.D. Power’s regional and national surveys, which showed Liberty Mutual ranking on the lower side of the customer experience spectrum. Consumer Reports redeemed the company a bit with industry-average ratings across the board for claims satisfaction.

That said, Liberty Mutual has some great coverage and discount options that Wyoming drivers would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. One example is the company’s gap loan/lease coverage, called Better Car Replacement. This coverage takes care of the remainder of a loan owed on a new car if your vehicle is considered a total loss in an accident. This is very important coverage to take on if you own a relatively new car, as the value of new cars diminishes quickly once driven off the lot, and a total loss could leave you stuck paying a loan for more than the total value of the car.

Liberty Mutual also has the best discounts for drivers who may be encountering common, yet substantial, life changes like getting married or graduating college. It’s the only company offering these discounts, so if you are anticipating major life events (retirement, graduation, or marriage) Liberty Mutual should be on your list of auto insurance choices.

Why You Should Shop Around for Quotes

When you’re looking for quotes on auto insurance, its common to hear companies claim that you could save hundreds if you switch from your current provider. While these claims may seem like marketing exaggerations, we’re here to tell you that it's actually true — price really can vary by hundreds: By simply shopping around between four different providers, we found a $650 difference in quotes for the same coverage! Every quote is highly subjective to your personal history and situation: Your zip code, credit history, vehicle type, even your gender play a role in deciding your risk factor. On top of these unique identifiers, every company has its own algorithms and calculations that assign weight to each of these characteristics.

6-month Premium
Liberty Mutual
State Farm

All quotes are for 100/300/100 in coverage.

It’s plain to see that putting in just a little bit of time gathering a few quotes can immediately pay for itself in massive savings. Due to the personal nature of an insurance quote, it’s impossible to say that a single company will always have the lowest quotes, so it is very important to check with all the available providers in your area.

Wyoming Working on Snow Safety

Over the years, Wyoming has maintained its place as one of the least expensive places to insure a vehicle. This is often attributed to its relatively sparse density in population — fewer people crammed together means lower chances for accidents and crime. However, there are challenges facing Wyoming drivers that they should be aware of before purchasing auto insurance.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2016 crash statistics were used in a study by SafeWise to calculate Wyoming as the most dangerous state for driving in the snow. Interstate 80 is one of the most heavily trafficked roads in the state, and a prime location to find snow-caused accidents. Fortunately, researchers at the University of Wyoming are working hard to improve conditions and lessen the rate of accidents occuring along this stretch of highway. Professor Mohamed Ahmed heads a team working with vehicle technology to increase communication with other cars and infrastructure to create a more connected and safer road system. “The benefit of this project is [to] improve safety and mobility on our roadways in general,” Ahmed claims. As these issues are addressed and road safety is improved, Wyoming drivers may find themselves paying even less for their auto insurance in the future.