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Last updated on February 20, 2017

The Best Baby Wipes

You need them to be gentle, but tough
The 30-Second Review

The best baby wipes need to be gentle on baby’s skin, but tough enough to stand up to a big mess. We dug into the research and confirmed with a dermatologist on which ingredients to avoid, then put 11 brands to the test on real kids to see which cleaned the most with the fewest wipes.

Top Picks
Best Overall

These textured, cloth-like wipes performed the best, needing half as many for clean-up than some of its competitors. With skin-soothing ingredients like cucumber, chamomile, and organic aloe, they left baby’s skin smooth and clean.

Our Two Runners-Up

Within a few cents per wipe of our top pick, The Honest Company Baby Wipes and Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes performed similarly in cleaning ability, they just weren’t as soft and thick. Both textured wipes also feature a barely there scent.

The 3 Best Overall Baby Wipes

Best Overall

Parasol Baby Wipes The best cleaning ability, plus plant-based ingredients to soothe skin.

Our top pick, Parasol Baby Wipes, are thick, cloth-like wipes that were markedly softer and thicker than the rest we tested. These textured wipes outperformed the other contenders in cleaning ability — we had to use the fewest wipes to get the job done. Turns out a textured surface makes all the difference against messes. Parasol Baby Wipes boast plant-based ingredients like cucumber, chamomile, and organic aloe to sooth skin. We loved the light scent with subtle whiffs of cucumber. These wipes are on the higher end — $0.08 per wipe MSRP, but we needed less than half the amount when compared to the Huggies brand we tested ($0.04 per wipe MSRP) and they didn’t tear coming out of the package.

A Very Close Second

The Honest Company Baby Wipes These wipes have an identical texture to our top pick, but were a bit less luxurious feeling.

Our first runner-up, The Honest Company Baby Wipes, narrowly missed the top spot. They rival the Parasol Baby Wipes in cleaning ability and even sport a similar texture. They just weren’t as soft or thick. Their ingredients are similar, too — cucumber and chamomile — but feature masterwort instead of aloe vera. (Masterwort is a skin conditioner, which is similar to aloe, and is also a renewable resource.) Unlike Parasol, these wipes don’t feature a scent, which could be appealing to those who want to avoid it. The cucumber just doesn’t come through. The Honest Company Baby Wipes are on par with Parasol at about $0.07 per wipe MSRP. One other thing of note: Both Parasol and The Honest Company started as online diaper subscription services, though The Honest Company is now sold at multiple retail locations. Parasol Baby Wipes can only be purchased online.

Our Other Favorite

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes A solid choice for baby wipes and sold at more retailers.

Our other runner up is a familiar eco-friendly name: Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes. You’ve probably seen their products on shelves at numerous retail locations. Not as luxuriously soft or thick as our other top picks, these textured wipes cleaned nicely and were surprisingly durable — performing well in our stretch test. At $0.05 per wipe, they’re also a bit cheaper than our other picks, though not by much. They feature skin-soothing ingredients aloe vera and Vitamin E.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Wipes

Best Overall

Parasol Baby Wipes The soft, sudsy feel and light cucumber scent left baby’s skin clean and fresh.

Parasol is a newcomer to the baby product scene and color us impressed. Launched April of 2016, it’s created a super-thick, cloth-like wipe that pulled ahead of the competition in both durability and performance. When tested against the peanut butter, it took only two wipes to clean up 95 percent of the mess. In comparison, the thinner brands, like Huggies or Bembo, took at least five wipes to get it all clean. The moisture level was also just right for cleansing: The wipes were damp, but not saturated, with a slightly sudsy feel. Baby’s skin was left feeling fresh and smooth with no soapy residue.

The distinctive dot texture amped up the cleaning ability, but we wished the package had a hard plastic opening for locking in freshness.

Parasol baby wipes come in a bright, stylish package with a firm plastic opener that doesn’t tear when it’s being opened or resealed. More importantly, they’re easy to remove with one hand. Each wipe detaches neatly from the others, and doesn’t fold or crumple. There’s a light cucumber scent that adds a bit of freshness without being overpowering. By comparison, the BumBoosa wipes’ herbal scent smelled astringent and after a couple of wipes became overpowering. Parents who don’t like scents or are sensitive to fragrance of any kind, however, may want to avoid these.

Parasol uses multiple natural skin-conditioning ingredients, including natural aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and sucrose cocoate, derived from coconut. This helped give Parasol wipes their luxuriously soft feel. We continued using our finalists over the course of a week on our test toddler (real-life applications, no peanut butter), and each time, we reached for the Parasol wipes first.

The only downside is the cost. These are a bit more expensive at $0.08 per wipe for a 72-wipe package MSRP. If you’re using 500 wipes per month conservatively, then that may be a dealbreaker for some families. They’re also only available online — either through Amazon or direct through its site. Similar to The Honest Company, Parasol does offer a subscription service for both its diapers and wipes — where it ships straight to your door at regular intervals.


The Honest Company Baby Wipes Similar cleaning ability and ingredients, but no scent.

These wipes narrowly missed the top spot — they’re lightweight and durable with a similar thickness and texture to the Parasol wipes (those little dots made all the difference in cleaning ability). They just weren’t as luxuriously soft feeling. The Honest Company wipes weren’t quite as moist either, and didn’t have that sudsy feel we got from the Parasol wipes. They were easy to remove from a package with one hand, and their sturdy plastic opening clicks shut for extra security and freshness — one nice perk that sets them apart from Parasol.

These wipes have a nearly identical texture to the Parasol Baby Wipes, but we liked the sturdy plastic opening of The Honest Company Baby Wipes more.

These wipes contain similar natural ingredients (cucumber and chamomile), but surprisingly no aloe vera — this popular skin conditioner was found in all but four of our finalists. Instead these wipes use masterwort, which is known for its skin-soothing properties. It’s also a natural, renewable resource.

The wipes cost about the same as Parasol’s at around $0.07 per wipe for a 72-wipe pack MSRP (you can buy the four-pack, which gives you 288 wipes, but there’s no significant per-wipe cost savings for buying in bulk). The premier diaper subscription service, The Honest Company has expanded its lineup to include other baby essentials: personal care, cleaning, and even vitamins.

Note that the Honesty Company recently issued a voluntary recall of some wipes due to mold spotting. The company states that this is an aesthetic concern only, not a health hazard, but if you’ve recently purchased Honest Company wipes, you can visit their website for a list of affected lot numbers.

Runner Up

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes Durable wipes, but you may need a few more for bigger messes.

Unlike Parasol and The Honest Company baby wipes, the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes relies only on aloe vera and vitamin E to help condition skin — no additional soothing herbal or flower extracts. They aren’t as soft or thick as our two top picks, but were noticeably durable. In our stretch test, the material hardly budged when we pulled on them firmly. The cute duck-themed texture did prove out with better cleaning ability than the non-textured wipes, but not nearly as well as the distinctive dot texture of our other top picks.

These were also easy to pull from the package, while holding a peanut butter-covered kid with the opposite hand. The Free & Clear Wipes barely have a scent, only a faint soapy smell upon deep inhale. And, let’s be honest: You’re not going to put these that close to your face.

The cute, duck-themed texture helped with cleaning ability, but didn’t outshine the signature dots of our other top picks.

Among our top contenders, these wipes were the second-lowest cost per wipe at about $0.05 per wipe for a 64-wipe pack. The least expensive option, Huggies Simply Clean Baby Wipes, tore easily and were only one cent cheaper.

Other Baby Wipes to Consider

WaterWipes We loved these simple wipes for runny noses and sticky fingers.

These wipes are as simple as it gets: just water and grapefruit seed extract. Which is why Dr. Lio recommends them for babies with true skin allergies or conditions like eczema. The wipes were extremely soft, but were a bit small and thin for messy jobs. And, they didn’t pull out of the package easily, which was irritating. We liked them for cleaning runny noses and sticky hands, though — a nice option for quick on-the-go cleanups.

Of note: These wipes have no preservatives, so they have been known to grow mold after being opened. It’s a good idea to keep these in a cool environment (no wipe warmers!) and make note of when you opened them.

The WaterWipes were too small and smooth for diaper changes, but work great for simple on-the-go cleanups.

Did You Know?

Your baby will help you determine the right wipe.

You’ll know if a certain wipe is a good fit for your baby if they continue to have healthy, smooth skin. Diaper rash happens on occasion, of course, but a true allergy would result in recurring symptoms that don’t go away on their own. These symptoms include redness, irritation, itching, burning, bumps, and in more severe cases, actual blisters or sores. If you spot any of these, consult with your pediatrician.

What should eco-conscious parents look for?

No baby wipe is certified organic, though it might contain organic ingredients. Our top pick contains organic aloe, for example. Wipes not manufactured with plastic fibers are also biodegradable. Among our finalists, the Jackson Reece Herbal Baby Wipes are both biodegradable and compostable. We didn’t find them as effective for cleaning as our top picks, but for parents who want to go green, these wipes are worth a look.

The Bottom Line

Best Overall

Parasol Baby Wipes Cloth-like wipes that cleaned well, while soothing skin.

When it comes to baby wipes, look for plant-based ingredients, and avoid potential allergens and irritating preservatives. You’ll know you’ve made the right choice when your baby’s skin stays fresh and smooth after a cleaning — no matter how messy.