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Can’t Connect to the Internet? How to Fix Your Connection

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Can’t Connect to the Internet? How to Fix Your Connection

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Can’t connect to the internet? Having intermittent connectivity? Often, all your internet connection requires is a simple fix.

1.Check the connection of your wires and cords.

If you can’t connect to the internet, the culprit might be something tangible. Depending on the type of internet you have, you’lll want to start by checking the wires and cords connected to your modem and/or router. Make sure all of the ethernet cables are plugged into the modem, and that the modem in turn is plugged securely into the wall. Some internet connection setups will require that your router is plugged into your modem, so make sure the ethernet connection between those two devices is particularly secure. If everything looks right and you’re still having internet problems, then move to Step 2.

2. Restart your computer

Just to rule out all the hardware culprits, you need to test your computer as well. A simple restart will only take a few minutes, but can solve any of the internet problems you’re having. Click on the start button and choose “restart” (not “shutdown.”) 

3. Restart your modem and router

If your internet problems continue, the next step is to restart your modem and router.. Just unplug both items from their power source, wait a full 60 seconds, and then plug them both back  in. Allow your modem and router a few minutes to begin fully working again.

4. Hard reset modem and router

A hard reset is a more dramatic – but sometimes necessary – step for when you can’t connect to the internet. Some factors to note: A hard reset will remove any customized settings, and therefore will change your password, username, etc. settings back to the default. If you look closely, you can find the reset button, whose tiny size typically requires a pen or paperclip to press. Press the reset button firmly for 30 seconds, then wait for the device to restart. Afterwards, you may need to type in the default password once again (and type the default password into your connected devices until you can reset the password). If you’d like additional peace of mind, you can get on the phone with your internet service provider and have a helpdesk representative walk you through the process of a hard reset.

5. Check your wireless adapter

If you’re using a laptop and can’t connect to the internet, find the wireless adapter switch or button. It’s possible that your wireless adapter accidentally got turned off, and therefore is not allowing you to connect to the internet. 

Once everything is up and running, you have the option to conduct an internet speed test, which could help diagnose if there are problems beyond connectivity. Smart TVs offer speed tests in their Settings menu, but for computers there should be a speed test section of your internet provider’s homepage.

If your  internet problems persist, or you need to increase your internet speeds, you should contact your internet service provider for additional guidance.