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CES 2019 Liveblog: Intel Corporation Media Days News Conference

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  January 7th, 2019  By Philip Palermo

Intel Update 28

Summary of Intel’s conference here!

Intel Update 27

We are watching a video of an autonomous car successfully navigating a high way in Israel “negotiating through traffic” thanks to the MobileEye EyeQ5 chip.

Mapping of Japan highways now completed (25,000 KM of roads).

Intel Update 26

MobileEye EyeQ5 chips are now in production.

Intel Update 25

Amnon Shashua is on stage to discuss the progress Intel’s making on driving assist and autonomous driving. A BMW with an EyeQ4 chip is on stage, showcasing the trifocal cameras (which launched in 2018). The BMW is fitted with 12 cameras

Intel Update 24

Snow Ridge will take Intel’s position in the base station market from 0% in 2014 to over 40% by 2022.

Intel Update 23

More 5G! Intel’s expanding its decade-long investment in infrastructure with Snow Ridge. Snow Ridge will expand Intel architecture into base stations, moving services closer to the user.

Intel Update 22

Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor to come out in the second half of this year. Will be important for image recognition and image classification.

Facebook is partnering with Intel on this “new generation of power-optimized highly tuned AI inference chip that will be a leap in inference workload acceleration.”

Intel Update 21

Dr. Paul Kruzewski, CEO of Wrnch, discusses how 3D athlete tracking can help athletes improve performance by tracking their movements and analyzing behavior data from standard video.

Intel Update 20

Cascade Lake is designed for data form the ground up and is transforming the retail experience.

Shenoy goes into detail about how used Cascade Lake to handle the surge of customers seen on 11/11 (singles day). Alibaba did $30.8 billion in sales on 11/11. Cascade Lake “helped Alibaba reach new heights” by helping deliver a smooth and responsive user experience.

Intel Update 19

Navin Shenoy shares highlights from the data center — starting at the heart and soul of the data center, the Xeon Processor. The Xeon Processor holds 95 world records. Cascade Lake, the next generation of Xeon, will ship in 2019.

Intel Update 18

With 10 gigabit service coming to the home, expect more immersive content, responsive VR, volumetric video.

Intel’s collaborating with Comcast and the 2020 Olympics to showcase this kind of immersive content.

Intel Update 17

Tony Werner of Comcast is on stage talking about how Comcast is partnering with Intel to deliver gigibit service to 58 million homes.

A new generation of immersive media, 10 gigabit networks.

Intel Update 16

Lakefield, “the engine that scales the industry” is the “smallest PC motherboard.”

Intel Update 15

Project Lakefield means we can innovate on devices, making them smaller and more nimble.

Intel Update 14

Bryant announces Lakefield. It offers low power efficiency, impressive graphics, and more.

Intel Update 13

Sam Burd, President of Client Solutions Group with Dell, is on the the stage talking about Dell’s partnership with Intel and its use of Ice Lake.

Ways Dell is integrating Ice Lake on its PCs will help improve the following:
-Battery life

Intel Update 12

Gamers will also appreciate Ice Lake. Graphics look top notch.

Intel Update 11

Ice Lake will give you “all day battery life and performance.” Will also help drive 4K graphics on displays.

Ice Lake will also help you do things like go through pictures much faster when you hone in on a particular key word.

Intel Update 10

Breaking Announcement: Ice Lake Highly Integrated Platform on shelves holidays 2019.

Gen 11 integrated graphics
Thunderbolt 3 natively integrated
WiFi 6 natively integrated
New instructions for machine learning called DL Boost

A lot coming in a small package.

Intel Update 9

Since the PC is the instrument now all of the music demoed can be done via a PC.

Intel Update 8

Announcement: Six new core processors coming in 2019. We’re getting an example of how these processors will work in creating content with two musicians.

“The PC is our essential instrument now.”

Intel Update 7

Bryant says “80% of people choose the PC as a place to focus and a place to do the work that’s most important to them.” An higher number than we’d expect given the rise in tablets and smartphones as consumers main devices.

Intel Update 6

Gregory M. Bryant introduces a new era of computing via the use of data from the client to the cloud and everywhere in between. Intel’s shifting from a PC centric company to a data centric company. This includes AI, 5G, the data center, autonomous driving, and more.

Intel Update 5

Intel asks us to “imagine a resource so plentiful, that it can never be depleted.” Spoiler alert: that resource is “human potential.” Another running theme of this year’s CES – brands stressing the importance of people becoming comfortable with advanced tech like AI in our daily lives.

Intel Update 4

Laura Anderson takes the stage to guide us through what’s to come in the next hour ranging from news about product updates and autonomous driving.

Intel Update 3

Intel’s gearing up! Will start in a few minutes. Getting cheeky with it’s “legal disclosures” on breaking announcements.

Intel Update 2

The DJ is creating beats live in front of us. Very impressive.

Intel Update 1

We’ve got early access to the Intel conference starting at 4PM PT. The room is slowly starting to fill up. A DJ is playing music at the front of the room next to a lineup of laptops.

Intel promises a look at its “role in the next era of computing.” Excited to see exactly what that means.

Join us from 4:00-4:45PM PST as we cover the latest announcements from Intel’s CES 2019 news conference.

Check out all the latest CES 2019 news here.

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