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CES 2019 Liveblog: Hisense News Conference

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  January 7th, 2019  By Meg Cannistra

Hisense Update 14

Breaking Announcement: More TVs! Hisense announces the U9F, a 75 inch TV with more than 1,000 local dimming zones, premium ULED with Quantum Dot, and more. Will be available Spring 2019.

Hisense Update 13

Hisense announces the H8F TV. Features include ULED picture quality, local dimming, wide-color gamut, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and picture modes for movies and sports to give users a personalized experience. The H8F series is available Spring 2019.

Hisense Update 12

Breaking announcement: Hisense is bringing Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to its TVs. A development that will put Hisense in league with other TV brands.

Hisense Update 11

Hisense announces it’s pairing ULED technology with Roku.

Hisense Update 10

The biggest hype is around Hisense’s Laser TV. Gold says Hisense will “continue to raise the bar” with its Laser TV.

Hisense Update 9

Gold: “We invested heavily in R&D to improve quality, expand connectivity, and engineer cutting edge designs.”

Hisense Update 8

David Gold, VP of Consumer Electronics at Hisense USA, shares the US market strategy and product line for 2019.

Hisense Update 7

Ma shares details about the ULED XD TV. Picture quality can reach the same levels of OLED at a more affordable cost.

Hisense Update 8

Hisense announces Laser TV that features improved image quality and claims this laser technology is better than OLED display.

Hisense Update 6

Xiaohang (Shawn) Ma VP of Hisense Electronic Information Group, says Hisense is the #1 TV company in China and #4 globally.

Hisense Update 5

“The future of TV will be about who brings the best content to consumers.” Hisense announces Vidaa OS, a new smart TV and hopes it becomes the “centerpiece of consumers’ homes.”

Hisense Update 4

Franjo Bobinac, VP of Marketing Hisense International takes the stage. Hisense sold 660,000 televisions over the Black Friday weekend. More than two TVs every second.

Hisense Update 3

Hisense is determined to make a splash with entertaining performances, music, and a slick video highlighting their factories and products. Question is, will the announcements live up to the brand’s self-made hype?

Hisense Update 2

Hisense kicks off (literally) with a soccer player displaying some pretty slick skills.

Hisense Update 1

Loving the vibe in the Hisense conference room. Lots of lights. Lots of videos. Should be starting soon.

Join us from 11:00-11:45AM PST as we cover the latest announcements from Hisense’s CES 2019 news conference.

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