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CES 2019 Liveblog: Panasonic Media Days News Conference

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  January 7th, 2019  By Meg Cannistra

Panasonic Update 18

Marc McAllister, VP of Consumer Profile Management at Harley Davidson, just rode the LiveWire cellular-connected motorcycle across the stage. Features include stolen vehicle assistance, bluetooth integration, and real-time mobile updates. Primarily designed for an urban environment.

Panasonic Update 17

“The eBike industry is going to exponentially grow in the future.” With more people turning to bikes in larger cities, this seems like a reasonable take.

Panasonic Update 16

Edwin Bull, President and Founder of Van Dessel Cycles, joins Panasonic to talk about connected mobility and Van Dessel’s Passepartout and Captain Shred e-bikes.

Panasonic Update 15

Chris Armstrong, Director of Smart Mobility, shares that Panasonic is building the “First production-grade intelligent roadway software platform in the US.”

Announces Cirrus by Panasonic.

Panasonic Update 14

“Connected vehicles are here and happening now.”

Panasonic Update 13

Panasonic HomeX will control all of your IoT devices from window shades to music. HomeX will use AI to understand what users like/dislike to provide better living experiences.

Panasonic Update 12

Miaybe talks about emotional sensing technology that can understand human emotions, collect this data, and help the consumer improve their emotional state. While Panasonic’s intentions may be good, this kind of technology feels a little unsettling.

Panasonic Update 11

Yoshiyuki Miyabe, Global Chief Technology Officer, takes the Panasonic stage to talk about the brand’s future and what the next three years will look like. Miyabe says personalization is at the forefront of Panasonic’s strategy. “For the future, we’re shifting the focus from the product to the consumer.”

Panasonic Update 10

Moskawitz announces Panasonic “reengaged the DJ community” with the “iconic” SL1200 turntable. They’re continuing to innovate with the SL1200 MK7 Direct Drive Turntable.

The in-house DJ is demoing the new turntable. Sounds crisp, but also sounds like your run of the mill turntable?

Panasonic Update 9

Annnnd we we’re right. Panasonic just announced its new TV, the GZ2000 OLED. “The best TV Panasonic has ever delivered.” Built with the OLED tech people are familiar with, but refined.

Panasonic Update 9

New announcement: Additional features to the Lumix S series cameras.

1. High resolution mode for clear, concise imagery
2. High dynamic range for still photo mode that reduce glaring lights and dark shadows to achieve rich, precise color as close as possible to visual memory

Panasonic Update 8

Moskowitz announces Panasonic’s first full frame mirrorless camera. The Lumix S series cameras will be available at the end of March 2019. They offer 4K resolution, 60 frames per second, double card slots, and are weather resistant.

Panasonic Update 8

Michael Moskowitz, President, takes the stage to talk about “comfortable disruption.” People need new functionality, but want to be comfortable with these changes.

Panasonic Update 7

ELS Studio 3D Premium Audio System snippet. Sounds pretty good. Deep bass, rich sound.

Panasonic Update 7

Oh, snap. LaDuke announces the first Mickey Mouse-themed ride at Disney World. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will launch at Disney World later this year. An interesting announcement for CES?

Panasonic Update 6

Tom LaDuke, Principal Show Systems Designer and Technical Director with Walt Disney Imagineering just took the stage to talk about “immersive experiences” with Panasonic. Expect to hear more about immersive experiences from Panasonic at CES and throughout the year.

Panasonic Update 5

Gebhardt teases announcing partnerships with brands like Disney and Harley Davidson. “Will be announced later in this conference.” Stay tuned.

Panasonic Update 4

One of Panasonic’s key areas is connected mobility. Gebhardt talks about innovations in the automotive industry, particularly around a 48V ePowertrain Platform that has a variety of uses. From traveling offices to food delivery van, which can move from point A to point B autonomously. Self-driving cars will continue to be a trend at this year’s CES, but details around infrastructure and how autonomous vehicles will actually work alongside humans is still yet to be discussed.

Panasonic Update 3

Tom Gebhardt, Chairman and CEO, says Panasonic is bringing the “physical and digital” together. “Technology is simply an enabler to get the consumer what they desperately want.”

Panasonic Update 2

Lauren Sallata CMO of Panasonic takes the stage to announce an immersive experience by partnering with Disney.

Panasonic Update 1

Getting comfy ahead of the Panasonic conference. Should be starting in exactly one minute. Sit tight! We expect even more TV and smart tech announcements.

Join us from 10:00-10:45AM PST as we cover the latest announcements from Panasonic’s CES 2019 news conference.

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