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CES 2019 Liveblog: Procter & Gamble Media Days News Conference

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  January 6th, 2019  By Philip Palermo

Procter & Gamble DS3

A better look at the DS3, a small swatch P&G hopes will disrupt the cleaning products industry and will reduce the 800 million gallons of water used to create traditional household cleaning products. Could have major environmental impact.

Procter & Gamble Gillette Razor

A closer look at P&G’s new Gillette Razor.

Procter & Gamble Opte Precision Skincare System

The Opte Prescision Wand detects and corrects pigmentation to leave your skin looking flawless. The Opte Presiscion Wand uses a blue LED light to “see up to 3x more pigmentation than the human eye is capable of perceiving” and it’s digital camera captures 200 images per second.

Procter & Gamble Olay Skin Advisor

The Olay Skin Advisor gives users an intimate look at just what’s happening on their skin along with a personal skincare regimin.

Photos of the Genius X

Up close and personal with the Oral-B Genius X. Expected to be in stores worldwide summer 2019.

Procter & Gamble Update 4

Procter & Gamble states its “reinventing brand building from wasteful mass marketing to highly personalized 1 to 1 brand building on a mass scale.” No word on what this means for the consumer. Despite good intentions, we wonder if this will be a useful experience for the consumer or an invasive breach of privacy. Interested to learn more.

Procter and Gamble Genius X Oral-B Toothbrush

The Oral-B Genius X toothbrush recognizes your unique brushing style. The pressure sensors and time spent brushing develops a map of how you brush and gives you feedback on how to improve your dental health. The toothbrush was developed with dentists and hygienists to develop a superior experience.

We’ll give you a full review of the Oral-B Genius X after it hits stores this summer, but in the meantime check out our favorite electric toothbrushes.

Procter & Gamble Update 2

DS3, a tiny swatch that will help change the environment. It eliminates water from the final product. A liquid-free swatch that works better than heavy-waste cleaning products. Will reduce 800 million gallons of water typically required to make, ship, and use typical household products. Will help improve the environment overtime.

Procter & Gamble Update 1

Right out the gate, P&G promises a slew of new beauty and grooming products.

P&G’s brings the barber hot towel shaving experience to consumers each morning with the a new Gillette Razor.

Olay Skin Advisor harnesses AI technology as the “first-ever applications of deep learning in the beauty industry” that allows you to take a selfie to help you understand your skin’s age vs. your actual age. With the Olay Skin Advisor, you can pinpoint your skincare needs.

Oral-B Genius X instantly recognizes your unique brushing style and delivers feedback (brushing too little or too much). The AI goes a step further to recognize where in the mouth your brushing for the most accurate real-time feedback for superior oral health.

Join us from 2:00-2:45PM PST as we cover the latest announcements from Procter & Gamble’s CES 2019 news conference.

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