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Everything We Learned at Day One of CES 2019

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  January 7th, 2019  By Joe Supan

Everything We Learned at Day One of CES 2019

The first day of CES 2019 is in the books, and your correspondents have been hot on the trail of the latest consumer tech (and open power outlets). So far, the biggest news has come from TV manufacturers. Samsung, LG, and Vizio TVs will all support Apple AirPlay in 2019, a major development for the tech giant. We’ve also seen a TV that rolls up like paper towels, one that touts new “ULED” tech, and another that shoots lasers (fine, a projector). Check out everything we covered on day one below.

LG Announces AirPlay and HomeKit Support on 2019 TVs
Like Samsung and Vizio, LG will now have AirPlay 2 support from Apple on all of its 2019 TVs, which will allow Mac, iPhone, and iPad users to stream videos, music, and photos on their TVs. For the time being, though, iTunes will not be built directly into LG TVs — Samsung is currently the only manufacturer with that privilege.

Panasonic Unveils New Tech Products
Panasonic took to the stage to announce a slew of new products for 2019, from digital cameras to turntables to smart home hubs. Most impressively, Panasonic unveiled its GZ2000 OLED TV, the first OLED it has made so far. The company also teased partnerships with brands like Disney and Harley Davidson, which “will be announced later in this conference.” Stay tuned.

HiSense Debuts New TV Technology
HiSense is one of the largest TV manufacturers in China, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you probably will soon. The company made big splashes with new screen technology — a “laser” projector and new ULED screen — both of which HiSense says can compete with OLED models. Several of its newest TVs are also integrated with Roku, Alexa, and Google Assistant. (Full disclosure: HiSense didn’t make our list of the best 4K TVs the last time we tested them, but we’re excited to give these new TVs a shot.)

Samsung Smart TVs to Support Apple iTunes Starting Spring 2019
Along with LG and Vizio, Samsung announced that all of its 2019 TVs — and many updated 2018 models — will come equipped with Apple AirPlay 2. Unlike LG and Vizio, though, Samsung is the only company that will have iTunes directly on its TVs, a first for a non-Apple streaming device.

5 Tech Trends That Will Define 2019
Consumer Technology Association’s Steve Koenig took to the stage to explain the five tech trends that will change the way we live in 2019: 5G, artificial intelligence, display innovation (looking at you, 8K), augmented reality, and self-driving vehicles.

GfK Envisions a ‘Smart’ Future
Growth from Knowledge is the fourth-largest market research organization in the world, and Kathy Sheehan (EVP, Consumer Life) and Karen Ramspacher (SVP, Innovation & Insights) came to CES to discuss the opportunities companies face in an increasingly “smart” world. They focused on four categories — home, auto, health, and finance — providing insights into how consumers and brands will evolve in the coming years.

Intel’s Unveils New “Ice Lake” CPU
Before the conference began, Intel promised us a look at their “role in the next era of computing.” Intel’s speakers emphasized that they’ll be shifting from a PC-centric company to one that focuses primarily on data, which includes AI, 5G, the data center, autonomous driving, and more. That doesn’t mean Intel is spurning the PC entirely. On the contrary, the company said six new core processors are coming in 2019, and it also unveiled the new microarchitecture Ice Lake, which is expected to drive 4K graphics on displays and “all-day battery life and performance.”

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