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Everything We Learned at Day Three of CES 2019

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  January 9th, 2019  By Joe Supan

Everything We Learned at Day Two of CES 2019

Here’s to the tech we’ll always remember and the panels we’ll never forget. We had a ton of fun covering this year’s show and we hope you enjoyed following along with us, too. Here are some of our favorite stories from day three. Never change, CES.

How These Leaders ‘Disrupted and Democratized’ Their Industries
In a conference flooded with tech that seems to only want to make life a little easier and more comfortable, it was refreshing to hear from leaders who’ve made their name by positively impacting our world. From popularizing sustainable foods to investing in minority entrepreneurs, these panelists all made a name for themselves by challenging the status quo of their industries.

8K Is the New 4K
It seems like just last year that companies were showing off their shiny new 4K TVs. And while some companies still unveiled excellent new 4K models — LG’s latest OLED was particularly impressive — the buzz was all around 8K this year.
LG Showcases Its Impressive 88-inch OLED TV

Companies Want Us to Embrace AI, But What About Privacy?
At this year’s CES, companies seemed determined to integrate AI into our lives. We saw Google shrink the world with Interpreter Mode, LG’s robot CLOi taking a dinner order at a restaurant, and Omron’s Forpheus destroying people in ping pong. While these companies made a concerted effort to put a friendly face on AI, we still have our concerns.

CES 2019 Recap: Companies Want Us to Embrace AI, But What About Privacy?

Funding, Financing, and the Economics of Smart Cities
Everyone wants to live in a “smart” city, but how do we pay for them? Who gets to profit off of data from the public? This panel tackled the big questions about the future of infrastructure, with highly accomplished speakers from both sides of the public/private divide.

Immersive Media: The Future of Entertainment
Fans have traditionally only had two options for viewing sports: pay for a ticket to see it live or watch it on TV. This panel took a look at how virtual reality is the next step in this evolution, allowing fans to walk onto the field with their favorite players instead of watching them from the couch.

Omron’s Ping Pong-Playing Robot Is a Major Hit
There was a lot of cool tech at this year’s CES, but only one was a certified ping pong instructor. Omron’s Forpheus analyzes everything from your stance to how you hold your paddle to predict where you’ll serve the ball. Watching this robot deftly return serves was one of the most impressive feats we saw all week.

CES 2019 TV News Roundup
While AI and 5G had the conference buzzing from day one, TVs still provided some of the most jaw-dropping moments of the week. In this roundup, we recap all the major news in the TV world from CES 2019.

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