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Google Makes the World a Smaller Place with Interpreter Mode

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  January 8th, 2019  By Meg Cannistra

Google Makes the World a Smaller Place with Interpreter Mode
“Hey Google, be my personal interpreter” is the newest feature coming to all Google Home devices and smart displays in the coming weeks. Interpreter Mode will launch with up to 27 languages (including French and Italian) and will let you have a conversation with someone speaking a different language in real time.

The war between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will likely never cease. But Google’s determination to make its smart assistant more human-friendly and intuitive has helped it win the battle this time. Interpreter Mode is a game changer for how we can use AI to better connect with the world. Though it’s only available on Google Home devices at this time, we wouldn’t be surprised if Google rolled this feature out across other platforms in the future.

Interpreter Mode wasn’t the only trick up Google’s sleeve. In an effort to think beyond the general automated home to focus on each room’s specific smart needs, Google introduced the Smart Clock in partnership with Lenovo. The Smart Clock has a 4-inch touchscreen that lets you manage your morning and evening routines with ease.

Google Makes the World a Smaller Place with Interpreter Mode

A few key features include the ability to give you alarm suggestions based on your schedule, a “gentle alarm wake up” that slowly adjusts the lights in your room to wake you more naturally, and control of other smart home devices like your thermostat and lightbulbs. The Lenovo Smart Clock will be available this Spring and will cost $79.

The biggest takeaway from Google’s booth is that the tech giant is making serious progress with its AI capabilities and smart devices. No longer is Google Assistant just a novel way to play music or turn on your favorite TV show. Google’s thinking big picture. Both the Lenovo Smart Clock and Interpreter Mode are just further proof that the company’s end goal is a fully developed smart ecosystem that starts in your home and extends to the rest of the world.

Get an inside look at Google’s Interpreter Mode and the Lenovo Smart Clock below!

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