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The Best Security Camera Is Actually A Doorbell. Wait, A Floodlight.

Anne Dennon

Anne Dennon

Home Technology Writer

2 min. read

A person could argue that home security has always been about the right combination — the door sensor, the keypad, the strategically placed camera — and what combo of which came in various kits. 

For the last five years, home security has taken its penchant for combinations to new levels.  

On one level: product lineups. Today’s big names in home security innovation — Google and Amazon, as well as Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple — develop their device lineups from acquired start-ups. Google adapted its device line-up from Nest. Amazon home security is Frankensteined from Ring and Blink

On another level: all-in-one devices that provide powerful combinations of capabilities. The video doorbell is the original example. It’s the claim to fame of industry leader Ring, which invented the category and made itself appealing to Amazon in the process. 

Video doorbells record footage when movement is detected or the doorbell is rung. They also support two-way talk, allowing you to communicate with guests and ward off trespassers. Just like that, the video doorbell accomplishes two major tasks. It provides security and automates an annoying human experience: answering the door. It also turns any home into a smart home in one simple step. 

If ensemble casts or boba tea menus are any indication, combinations beget greater combinations. The video doorbell is a booming new gadget with the lookalike competitors to prove its popularity, but the most interesting combo takes the video doorbell a step farther. Rather than elevating door furniture, the smart camera outdoor light elevates an existing safety feature — motion-activated security lights. Startle uninvited guests and guide the invited, while, of course, capturing footage and accessing two-way talk. 

Amazon home security is Frankensteined from Ring and Blink

Given that Ring’s innovative video doorbell clinched their popularity and ascension to an Amazon brand, one might think that a company producing leading smart camera security lights might be baiting similar attention. But Kuna, parent of the Maximus Camera Floodlight – our top pick for best outdoor security light – is still standing on its own. While most home security companies suggest multiple products to equip your home, Kuna keeps it simple. You can install a single Maximus (or Toucan) device, and even skip on the monthly subscription. 

Video doorbells and camera security lights combine several smart home functions in one device. Some stand-out companies like Kuna keep the rest of the home security equation simple, too.