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LG Announces AirPlay and HomeKit Support on 2019 TVs

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  January 7th, 2019  By Joe Supan

LG Announces Apple Airplay and Homekit Support on 2019 TVs

There’s something in the air(play) here at CES. A day after Samsung and Vizio revealed new Apple support on their latest TVs, LG has followed suit, announcing that all of its 2019 TVs will support Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. Unfortunately, it’s not immediately clear whether this will come to TVs from 2018 or earlier.

AirPlay 2 allows Mac, iPhone, and iPad users to stream music, videos, and photos from their devices to their LG TV — something that previously required an Apple TV. HomeKit further enables the user to control their TV with custom actions through Siri or the Home app on their Apple devices. Saying “Siri, let’s watch a movie” could simultaneously dim the lights, turn on the surround sound, and open up your favorite streaming apps.

Unlike Samsung, however, LG TVs won’t have an iTunes app built directly into the TV. If you want to stream iTunes content on an LG TV, you’ll have to do it through Airplay.

Taken as a whole, these announcements signal a significant loosening of the reigns by Apple. In addition to AirPlay support on LG, Samsung, and Vizio TVs, it also recently made Apple Music available on Amazon Echo devices, a rival with which it hasn’t always played nice. These moves are a shift from Apple’s previous strategy of locking their customers into an Apple-exclusive ecosystem. Now it seems Apple wants to get its apps on as many devices as possible — a sign that the company plans to be a major competitor in the music and video streaming world.

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