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The final squeeze.

I ran out of moisturizer this morning.

Well, I squeezed the last overly hopeful speck out this morning. I’ve been squeezing at the same bent up tube for a few weeks now. I need to order more but I can’t pull the trigger.

I can’t pull the trigger because I know that right now we’re at work on our review for best moisturizer. Our team of researchers is sorting out the parabens and the SPFs, our writer is on the phone with a panel of dermatologists and cosmetic chemists. In a few weeks, we’ll have uncovered the most authoritative recommendation out there and our writer will have translated all the jargon and marketing messages into a plain-spoken and impeccably researched recommendation.

Sadly, our research isn’t done, so I still have to live in a world full of unknowns: What is a ceramide and how many of them do I need? Peptides, yes or no? Should I buy that $170 pot of La Mer Crème de la Mer? Or will I be beyond satisfied with the $7.99 pump bottle of CeraVe? For now, I’m driving blind, throwing something into my cart that seems like it might work with enough stars from verified customers who I hope are something somewhat kind of like me. My team’s hard at work sleuthing it out for us all and I know when they’re done we’ll have the answers.

I can’t wait for that day—when we’ll all know. Picture me, picture you, knowing which moisturizer is the best and confidently putting it in our cart. We’ll be done just like that—no doubt, no drama—soon enough our skin will start glowing and we’ll be on to the next thing. Ah, can you see it now?

If you want to be part of the team that uncovers the best of everything, let me know because we’d love to have you on board and we’re hiring.

Head of Content and Editorial