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Samsung Introduces All New Family Board For Its Family Hub Refrigerator

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  January 8th, 2019  By Meg Cannistra

Samsung’s booth at this year’s CES is as big as a city. In fact, it’s literally decked out with building facades and street signs directing you to all Samsung has to offer like demonstrations of the Bixby voice assistant, a customizable TV that can be designed as big as you want it, and an area devoted to 5G integration.

What caught our eye, though, is Samsung’s next generation of its Family Hub refrigerator. While most of the specs on the actual refrigerator are more or less the same, the major update is the Family Board — a new functionality that offers more robust AI experience.

The Family Board includes Instacart and Amazon Dash buttons that allow you to order groceries directly from your fridge. Even cooler is the capability to create shopping lists on the Family Board that sync with your phone. When you cross an item off your list, your Food List on the Family Board will automatically update to let you know expiration info. If your milk is close to expiring, for example, your fridge will let you know and suggest recipes to make to avoid food waste.

In addition to this deeper AI connectivity, the Family Board lets you create notes directly on screen (either by typing or handwriting), as well as add photos as you would with a traditional fridge. You can even change the background color to match your kitchen.

AI with deep learning capabilities like those displayed by the Family Board is a running theme at this year’s CES. Brands are trying to push beyond consumers’ opinions of AI as something hokey and challenging them to rather see these kinds of smart devices as technology they can’t live without.

Samsung’s definitely at the forefront of building this human-AI companionship thanks to innovations like the Family Board and overall improvements in its voice assistant Bixby. With an emphasis on family connectivity with the help of AI, it’s clear that Samsung is looking to play in the same spaces as LG.

All 2019 Family Hub refrigerators will come equipped with Family Board and all 2.0 and 3.0 Family Hub Refrigerators will be eligible for update in the first half of 2019.

Check out our tour of the Samsung booth, including a close-up look at the Family Board, below:

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