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Samsung Smart TVs to Support Apple iTunes Starting Spring 2019

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  January 6th, 2019  By Meg Cannistra

Image: Samsung

CES hasn’t even officially started and major announcements are already breaking. Samsung just announced Apple iTunes and Airplay 2 will be available on all 2019 (and updated 2018) Smart TVs. Up until now, if you wanted to access iTunes movies and shows on your TV, you needed an AppleTV.

It’s a significant development for Apple and comes on the heels of them announcing iTunes accessibility on Amazon Echo this past November. Apple relaxing its control over iTunes and making it more readily available to consumers is a clear indication that the company isn’t playing around when it comes to competing with other video and music services. And with Apple’s desire to create original programming a la Netflix and Hulu, it’s clear they want to establish themselves as a leader in the live streaming world as soon as possible. At this rate it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple makes moves to partner with other brands in the near future.

Samsung says iTunes and Airplay 2 will be available on its SmartTVs as early as Spring 2019. We’ll keep an eye out for any additional developments in the meantime.

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