Allied Insurance Review

Allied Insurance offers a solid range of comprehensive business insurance policies designed for small and mid-size businesses. While the company's coverage options are not as deep as other insurers, they deliver excellent package policies for retailers, wholesalers, contractors, and professional service providers of all kinds.

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The Good

Excellent commercial property policies and add-on options

Allied Insurance commercial property insurance is designed to deliver comprehensive protection against all kinds of risks, from storms and fires to theft and vandalism. Standard policies cover building damage, damage to on-premises equipment and other property, and damage to outdoor improvements such as fencing, signage, and even landscaping. Add-on policy options are available to provide enhanced protections and benefits including equipment breakdown coverage, business income protection, flood insurance, and utilities interruption coverage, among other options. Whether you operate a small storefront on main street or a bustling office complex, Allied Insurance provides the coverage you need to fully protect your business property.

Comprehensive business liability options

Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone general liability policy or a comprehensive business owner’s policy, Allied Insurance delivers the options you need to protect yourself against the liability risks common to your industry. Standard protections in an Allied Insurance general liability policy include coverage for property damage liability, bodily injury liability and associated medical payments, and personal and advertising injury liability, a solid mix of coverages for all kinds of small businesses. Additional options include coverage for employment practices liability, employment benefits liability, and non-owned auto and equipment liability. Additional specialty liability enhancements are available for building contractors and other businesses in the building and maintenance trades.

Comprehensive online policy access

As an Allied business insurance policyholder, you get convenient access to a variety of account tools that enable you to pay your policy premium, view your policy documents, and follow the progression of a policy claim online. While most national business insurers provide online bill payment tools, online access to policy documents and other information resources is somewhat uncommon in the industry. Rather than digging through your files or visiting your local agent for assistance, Allied Insurance enables you to retrieve your policy documents immediately online. Do note that Allied Insurance doesn’t provide any online claims filing capability, requiring instead that you telephone the 24-hour Allied Insurance claims center directly to initiate a claim. Once initiated, however, you are able to monitor the claims process online.

The Bad

Missing some relatively common industry policies

While Allied Insurance offers appropriate property and liability coverage options for all kinds of small and mid-size businesses, it lacks specialized policy packages for several industries with unique insurance needs. Industry packages for manufacturing, food service, and hospitality businesses are notably absent from the Allied Insurance lineup, whereas the company aggressively markets industry packages for contractors, retailers, auto repair services, and wholesalers. While an Allied Insurance agent may be able to create a suitable insurance package for a manufacturing business or a hotel, for example, the lack of a specialty policy suggests Allied doesn’t target these types of businesses and offers more expertise in other industries.

The Details

Financial Strength

  • A.M. Best FSR Rating: A+
  • A.M. Best ICR Rating: aa-
  • Moody's Rating: Not listed
  • Standard & Poor's FSR: Not listed
  • Standard & Poor's ICR: Not listed

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