Farm Family Review

While Farm Family offers solid policy options for all kinds of retail and service businesses, they really stand out by delivering targeted insurance packages for family farms, horse-related operations, and a variety of other agriculture-based businesses.

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The Good

All basic coverages available

Farm Family delivers quality coverage options perfect for retail and service businesses, contractors, professional offices, and many other types of businesses. The company’s standard business owner’s policy includes property and liability coverage, loss of income insurance, and a host of additional coverages designed to protect you from all kinds of common small-business risks. Farm Family also offers comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance options for virtually any kind of business vehicle, from delivery vans and service trucks to 10-wheelers and dump trucks. You can also get your workers compensation policy through Farm Family in most states.

Several unique industry coverage packages

Farm Family stands out among most of the other top business insurance providers for offering special package policies for agricultural businesses and equine operations. If you own a family farm, the company’s Special Farm Package 10 product delivers a comprehensive insurance package that covers your residential and farm buildings and business equipment and personal property, and provides comprehensive liability coverage. If you operate a farm-based business without residential facilities, such as a nursery, greenhouse, or floral business, a Farm Family agent can help you put together an insurance package that protects your operations from top to bottom. If you operate a business that deals with horses, such as a stable or riding facility, Farm Family’s equine package offers specialized liability coverage alongside flexible property insurance built specifically for equine businesses. While Farm Family doesn’t offer an exceptional number of industry insurance packages, those they do deliver are pretty unique in the industry.

Solid financial outlook

Farm Family garners strong financial ratings from agencies like A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s, two of the country’s most respected sources for independent financial ratings. A.M. Best gives Farm Family an A-level rating, which signifies excellent overall financial strength and an excellent ability to meet current and future insurance and contract obligations. Standard and Poor’s also gives Farm Family a rating of A, a standard that corresponds to a strong, though not exceptional, capacity to meet ongoing financial commitments. Although Farm Family doesn’t achieve the highest ratings available, they do receive ratings that reflect a very solid financial footing.

The Bad

Missing many common industry insurance packages

Although Farm Family delivers several terrific package policies for farm operations and related businesses as well as a package policy for building and repair contractors, they fail to offer a number of industry-specific packages common among most of the top business insurers. Industries including hospitality, food services, manufacturing, and auto repair have special insurance needs that require a carefully designed package of coverages targeted to particular types of risks. While the lack of a package policy for a particular industry does not mean you can’t design an appropriate policy from scratch with the help of a Farm Family agent, it does indicate the company is focused on some industries more than others.

Lacks convenient online policy tools

If you’re accustomed to having instant online access to your utility accounts, your bank accounts, and your personal insurance policies, it’s important to note Farm Family doesn’t provide much in the way of online services. Most notably, the company doesn’t provide an online portal for filing claims, a convenient option that most major business insurers offer. While you can contact the Farm Family claims center by telephone around the clock, the option to quickly file a claim form online is a valuable one for busy policyholders. Farm Family also lacks any kind of online policy management or policy-viewing capabilities, although there is a simple online bill payment feature available.

The Details

Financial Strength

  • A.M. Best FSR Rating: A
  • A.M. Best ICR Rating: a
  • Moody's Rating: Not listed
  • Standard & Poor's FSR: A
  • Standard & Poor's ICR: A

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