Alamo Review

Alamo is a smart choice to quickly find a great deal, as their excellent online resources make the process of booking and checking in fast and easy. Business owners will likely find a better bargain elsewhere, though.

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The Good

Streamlined online booking

To book a rental car with Alamo, first select the location where you’d like to pick up your rental car and your final destination if you’re booking a one-way trip. All you need to do is type in the name of your desired location or choose from a list of all the Alamo car rental locations. Once this is done, select the date and time for pickup and return and enter your age as well as any discount codes. You’re then brought to a page where you can see the available vehicles and how much they cost. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget, then add on any accessories or insurance you’re interested in. After that, all that’s left is to enter your name and email address and you’re all set. If you’re picking the rental car up at an airport, you can also give Alamo your flight information so they know to hold the car for you even if your flight is delayed.

Easy to find the best deals

Using Deal Retriever, just enter where and when you’d like to travel and let Alamo find the best deals for you. If your travel dates are flexible, you enjoy even more savings opportunities. Just select your month of travel to be presented with a list of special offers and discounts. People looking to rent a car without much advanced notice should check out Alamo’s Last Minute Specials. These vary from location to location and offer some of the most affordable rates on the site. International travelers aren’t left out either. You can get up to 15% off your rates in several countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The best way to get a great deal, though, is to join Alamo’s Insider program. It’s free to sign up and you get 10% off every car you rent from Alamo.

Save time by checking in online

By providing some basic information online before you arrive, you can skip the check-in counter and get to your Alamo rental car much faster. Start by entering in your name and reservation confirmation number, then fill out the online check-in form. Once you’ve finished that, print out your online check-in confirmation then when you arrive at the Alamo car rental location, just head straight to your car. Show your check-in form, driver’s license, and credit card to the person in the exit booth and you’ll be on the road. This is worth considering if you’re operating on a tight schedule or just don’t feel like waiting in a long line at the check-in counter.

Inexpensive to add another driver

Alamo is a good choice if you’re planning on having more than one person drive your rental vehicle because they charge an additional driver fee of just $10 per day. This is considerably lower than what several other companies in the industry charge and, depending on how long you’re renting the car for, that adds up to some pretty significant savings. If you’re a member of Alamo’s Insiders program, you’ll save even more because you’d be entitled to add another driver at no extra cost. You can add a driver at the check-in counter when you arrive or at any point in the middle of your contract.

The Bad

Limited support during car repairs

If you need a replacement vehicle while your car’s in the shop, Alamo may not be the best company to turn to because they won’t pick you up and drive you to the rental car location. They also won’t directly bill your insurance company for the replacement vehicle, something many other car rental companies do for their customers. Third, you won’t receive discounted rates on your rental car while your car’s in the shop. You should definitely shop around if you’re looking for these benefits from a car rental company.

No mobile resources

Alamo is one of the few car rental companies that doesn’t have a mobile app or a mobile version of their website. While you can still contact the company by phone to complete your reservation, with the prevalence of smartphones these days, having the option to use their service online is much more preferable. If you’re looking for a car rental company with strong mobile tools, Alamo’s sister company, National, is a good option to consider.

Few deals for businesses

Though Alamo does offer some special programs for government workers, they lack a true business rental program that offers discounts and extras to companies. This won’t affect the majority of individuals but, if you’re a business owner who’s looking to save on car rental costs, Alamo isn’t going to have what you’re looking for. Your best bet is to check out another company, like Enterprise, which offers custom rate plans and specialty vehicles to organizations.

The Details

General Info

  • Age Requirement: 21 (18 in NY and MI)
  • States Available: 50


  • Additional Driver Fee: $10/day
  • Early Return Fee: None
  • Late Return Fee: Hourly rate for 2 hours, then full day rate
  • No Show Fee: $10
  • Underage Driver Fee: $25/day

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