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Avis puts a strong emphasis on simplifying the car rental experience and generously rewarding loyal customers. Some of their fees are a little higher than average, although that doesn't affect the majority of drivers.

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The Good

All types of vehicles

Avis offers one of the largest selections of rental cars in the entire industry, with everything from subcompact cars to pickup trucks and everything in between. The specific models available vary from location to location, but finding what you need shouldn’t be difficult regardless of where you go. All the important information about the vehicle, like gas mileage and number of passengers it can seat, is listed on the website to help you decide which Avis rental car is most suitable. In addition to your basic cars and SUVs, Avis also has some specialty vehicles available. A large passenger van is perfect for big groups traveling together and a moving van is just what you need when transporting large items. These vehicles aren’t always easy to come by in the car rental industry, so Avis is a company worth considering if you need one of these larger vans.

Excellent rewards for loyal customers

By enrolling in the Avis Preferred program, you’ll spend less time filling out paperwork and get on the road faster. Avis keeps your reservation information and preferences on file so they can fill out the necessary paperwork on your behalf before you arrive. Preferred members also get special perks, such as prime parking spots and Avis representatives assisting you with luggage. The most frequent Preferred renters are invited to join the Avis First program, which offers even more rewards, including free rental days and car-class upgrades. In order to qualify for this program, you have to be enrolled in Avis Preferred and rent a vehicle 12 times or at least for 35 days within a single year.

Return your car quickly

Using Avis’ Roving Rapid Return® system, you can return your rental car in under a minute. All you have to do is visit the computer, enter in your information, and it will print out your receipt. You can then be on your way. There’s no need to wait in long lines or speak to a representative. Rapid Return isn’t available at all Avis car rental locations, but the majority of their airport locations offer this service, which is incredibly convenient if you have a flight to catch or are otherwise pressed for time.

Organize your trip all in one place

The TripIt Service from Avis enables you to link all your trip details together in one spot to help you stay organized and save time when booking your rental car. It doesn’t matter if you’ve booked your trip on one or more travel sites. All of your information is imported to TripIt along with maps and weather updates for the area you’re visiting. When it comes to actually booking your rental car, just select the model you want. You don’t have to spend all that extra time filling out dates and times because Avis uses your trip itinerary to do that for you. Click on the itinerary you want to add the car to and you’re done. Once you have everything the way you want it, you can also print out a copy of your itinerary to keep with you on your trip.

Solid mobile app

If you need to make a last-minute reservation with Avis, visit their mobile website or download their mobile app. From here, choose your dates and times and the type of rental car you want. You can change or cancel the reservation any time you need to and update the information in your My Avis account if you’re a member. The mobile app extends beyond just making reservations, as it also enables you to easily track down the nearest Avis rental car facility and quickly connect to roadside assistance if you run into trouble. The app is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows devices.

The Bad

Costly to add another driver

The fee for adding another driver to your Avis rental agreement is slightly more expensive than what the rest of the industry charges. A few extra dollars won’t make a big difference if you’re just renting the car for a day or two but, if you plan on holding onto it for a week or more, that money will begin to add up. This is something you’ll want to take into account when calculating how much your rental car will cost you. If your budget is tight, it may be better to designate just one person as the driver of the rental vehicle.

Expensive for underage drivers

Avis may not be the most cost-effective company for you to choose if you’re under 25 because their underage driver fees are rather high. In most locations, you end up paying over $25 per day on top of the original rental price. Figure in any additional costs for taxes and any extras and Avis may end up being a little beyond your price range. This won’t affect the majority of drivers, but if you’re between the ages of 21 and 24, you may be able to get a better deal by selecting a company like Enterprise.

The Details

General Info

  • Age Requirement: 21 (18 in NY and MI)
  • States Available: 50


  • Additional Driver Fee: $13/day (except CA, NV, NY)
  • Early Return Fee: None
  • Late Return Fee: Hourly rate for 1.5 hours, then full day rate
  • No Show Fee: $10/day or full daily rate
  • Underage Driver Fee: $27/day

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