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Dollar's flexible approach to choosing a rental car and time-saving tools have made them quite popular with both regular and business travelers.

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The Good

Skip the lines at the check-in counter

By using Dollar’s Rapid Rental® online check-in, you can head straight to your rental car when you arrive, bypassing the check-in desk entirely. To get started, enter your name and the confirmation number you received when you booked your reservation on Dollar’s website. If you lost or can’t remember your confirmation number, you can call Dollar and a representative will assist you. Once you’ve selected your reservation, fill out the required information, including your driver’s license number and date of birth. This option isn’t open to Dollar EXPRESS members, but these customers enjoy faster service at the check-in counter and can still be on their way relatively quickly.

Let Dollar pick your car

With the Lock Low and Go program, you make your reservation, pay for a compact car, then let Dollar surprise you with a random model. You’re guaranteed at least a compact car with room for five people and at least two pieces of luggage. The best part about this deal is that you could end up with a lot more than that. Maybe you’ll get a midsize car or an SUV — you won’t know until you get there — but you’ll still pay the compact car rate no matter what vehicle you end up with. This is a fun option that’s worth considering if you don’t need a specific type of rental car.

Choose your exact vehicle

If the idea of letting Dollar choose your car isn’t for you, you might find Dollar’s Choice Service program to be more to your liking. This program enables you to reserve the car class you want and then choose your exact vehicle when you arrive. This gives you a lot more control over what kind of car you end up with and is perfect if you know exactly what you want. Choice Service isn’t available at every location, but it can be found in several major cities throughout the country.

Multiple solutions for businesses

Businesses that sign up for one of Dollar’s 4Business plans receive special rates and discounts on all Dollar rental cars they use throughout the year. The Corporate plan comes with preset rates, no underage or additional driver fees, free rental days, roadside assistance, and more. It’s a great choice for companies that travel frequently and are looking to keep costs down. If this doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always the Flex Rate plan. With this one, you get many of the same perks as with the Corporate plan — no additional or underage driver fees, free rental days, etc. — but rather than having a fixed rate, you get a 5% discount off whatever the rate happens to be at the time. In addition, you also get a 3% rebate on all your Dollar car rentals.

The Bad

Not available in West Virginia

Dollar has locations in all 50 states except West Virginia, which is something you should be aware of when searching for your preferred car rental company. Dollar has hundreds of locations throughout the rest of the country, though, as well as many international rental facilities, so chances are you’ll still be able to use their services.

Fee for dropping your car off early

Dollar car rental charges you $20 if you bring your vehicle back before your designated drop-off date. Though rare, there are other companies that also charge an early return fee, but most do not. If you’re a little unsure of your schedule and think you may have to drop off your car earlier than planned, choose another company. Alamo and Hertz are two car rental companies that offer similar services to Dollar but don’t charge early return fees.

Missing pickup service

Dollar representatives won’t drive to your location and bring you to the rental car facility so, if you’re not nearby, you need to arrange your own transportation. For most, this won’t be a concern because many Dollar locations are conveniently located in airports, and there are shuttles available or you can just walk to the check-in counter. Individuals traveling to a non-airport Dollar car rental facility will want to keep this in mind, though, and arrange any necessary transportation.

The Details

General Info

  • Age Requirement: 21 (18 in NY and MI)
  • States Available: 49


  • Additional Driver Fee: $11/day
  • Early Return Fee: $20
  • Late Return Fee: $12.99/day
  • No Show Fee: None
  • Underage Driver Fee: Varies

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