Hertz Review

Hertz enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the best car rental companies in the industry today. With locations worldwide and innovative services not found elsewhere, they seem poised to hang on to that top spot.

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The Good

Thousands of locations

Hertz is one of the largest car rental services in the industry, with thousands of rental car locations in airports and cities all over the globe. Finding the one that’s nearest to you is as simple as going on Hertz’s website and conducting a search. Type in the name of the location or browse through the directory of all their facilities. It’s likely there’s one not too far from your destination, no matter if that’s a small town, a big city, or a foreign country.

Check in before your arrival

Hertz enables you to save time by checking in online and doing your paperwork prior to arrival. This way, you’re able to spend less time at the check-in desk when you get there. To check in online, go to Hertz’s website and pull up your reservation by entering your name and confirmation number. Then, fill out the necessary form with your contact information, driver’s license number, etc. You still have to stop by the check-in desk when you arrive, but the whole process is much faster if you’re already checked in. Some locations also have a self-service kiosk if you don’t want to wait in line to speak to a representative.

On Demand service

Hertz 24/7 On Demand is a unique service that enables you to rent a Hertz vehicle by the hour in your neighborhood at any time of the day or night. There are several different models to choose from, including cargo vans which are perfect for transporting large items. You can either reserve the rental car online or through an in-store location, many of which can be found at Lowe’s stores around the country. Once you’ve made your reservation, you get an access card to open the vehicle. The keys are already inside along with a gas card. Extending your rental agreement is as simple as changing the terms online and, when you’re done, just bring the car back to where you picked it up. Note the On Demand service isn’t available in every city Hertz serves.

Skip the lines when returning

Hertz’s eReturn program eliminates the need to wait in lines and visit the counter when you bring your rental car back. Attached to your rental agreement is an express return slip. Fill it out when you get back and leave it on the dashboard of your rental car. Leave the car keys as well. You’re then free to go. A Hertz representative comes by later to collect your form. Once your rental agreement is closed, you receive a receipt by email. You can use eReturn at airport and local Hertz rental car facilities all over the country.

Lenient age restrictions

Except in Mississippi, drivers as young as 20 years of age can rent a vehicle from Hertz. This is relatively rare in the car rental industry, as most companies refuse to rent to individuals under the age of 21. Of course, anyone under 25 must pay a little extra to cover the increased risk of renting to someone so young, but it’s still nice to see Hertz giving these younger drivers the opportunity to rent a car when they need to. The underage driver fee varies by location, so check on this before booking your reservation.

Rewards for small-business owners

Companies signed up for Hertz’s Business Rewards program score free rental days and discounted rates for all business and personal travel. Billing can also be customized to suit your organization, and you receive a monthly statement to keep you up to date on what you’ve spent. Small-business owners are able to save as much as 25% on their Hertz car rental and Gold members can save even more. There’s also no additional charge for adding a second driver to the rental agreement for Business Rewards members. In addition, Hertz offers the Small Business One plan for individuals looking to keep costs low. Just sign up for their mailing list and you’ll start receiving special offers in the mail as well as a discount of up to 20% on your rental vehicle.

The Bad

Adding a driver is expensive

Hertz charges around $13 per day to add a second driver to the rental agreement, which is a little high when compared to the rest of the industry. If you plan on adding another driver, make sure you factor this added fee into your budget. If this makes Hertz a little too expensive for you, you always have the option to just have one driver for your rental car. You could also consider another company, like National, which has considerably lower additional driver fees.

The Details

General Info

  • Age Requirement: 20 (21 in MS)
  • States Available: 50


  • Additional Driver Fee: $13.50/day
  • Early Return Fee: None
  • Late Return Fee: Hourly rate for 1.5 hours, then full day rate
  • No Show Fee: Entire prepaid amount
  • Underage Driver Fee: Varies

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