The 4 Best Long-Term Car Rental Companies

Finding a good deal on a long-term car rental can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. First, you need to think about how long you’re going to need the car for. Some companies won’t give you any discounts unless you’re renting for two months or longer and many won’t allow a rental to exceed 11 months. Then, you must consider what you need the car for. Any company should be able to help you if you’re interested in a round-trip rental, but finding a one-way, long-term rental can be a little more challenging. Then there are the different perks and discounts that come with booking a long-term reservation. If budget is a primary concern for you, it’s a good idea to do your research and see which company is going to be the most affordable solution for what you need. The four car rental services on the list below are some of the best in terms of what they offer to long-term renters, so you may want to begin by exploring these options first.

Budget offers some of the best discounts in the industry, so it’s a great place to turn to if you’re looking for a great deal on a long-term rental car. You can rent a car for just 30 days if that’s all you need or up to 11 months at a time, and there’s no need to worry about renewing your contract at the end of each month. When you pick up your rental car, you sign a monthly agreement and you’re automatically billed each month for the costs. Budget allows you to choose among a number of different vehicles when you sign up for a monthly car rental plan, including compact cars and SUVs. Luxury cars are also an option if you’d prefer to go this route. If you’re a frequent traveler and a member of an airline or hotel rewards program, take a closer look at what Budget has to offer because you can earn points or miles for every month you rent a car with the company.

You can sign up for a multi-month car rental from Hertz online, over the phone, or at a Hertz rental facility. There are no limits on what kind of car you can choose. A compact or economy car is probably best for individuals trying to keep costs low, but if that’s not a concern for you, check out some of the cars in Hertz’s exclusive collections. If you decide you don’t like the vehicle you rented, you can easily trade it in at a participating location for another car of the same car class. Frequent travelers will also appreciate Hertz’s multi-month program because there are no restrictions on mileage, so you can drive as much as you want without having to worry about overage charges. These deals are only open to individuals renting a car for two months or longer, though, so if you only need a car for one month, you may be better off with one of the other companies on this list.

Dollar’s long-term car rental plan is open to members of its Dollar 4Business program who need a rental car for anywhere between two and 11 months. Dollar 4Business members already receive special rates on every vehicle they rent and you’ll be able to take advantage of these same discounts when you sign up for a monthly car rental. Like the other companies on this list, Dollar bills you automatically each month for the cost of your rental vehicle, so there’s no need to return to the Dollar rental facility until you’re ready to drop off your car. All long-term rentals are round-trip, so you must return the vehicle to the same facility where you picked it up. Customers more interested in a one-way trip will have better luck with one of the other companies on this list. However, for a corporation with employees that travel frequently, you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal on a long-term rental.

Enterprise’s Month or More rental plan is ideal for those looking to save on a long-term car rental. The longer you rent with the company, the more you save on your vehicle. In your second month, you receive $25 off your rates. Three months earns you $50 off and four or more months is worth a $75 discount. Enterprise also doesn’t charge its long-term customers for adding another driver to the rental agreement. Additional perks of Enterprise’s Month or More plan include free pickup, roadside assistance whenever you need it, and no-charge vehicle exchanges within the same car class. You can rent a car for up to 11 months in a row at any participating Enterprise rental car facility.