The 3 Best Car Sharing Companies for Businesses

Car sharing can be a great option for your business since having low-cost, flexible, and convenient access to a vehicle can save you time and money. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are turning to car sharing services to remove the fixed cost of vehicle ownership, especially in the start-up phase. With convenient billing and included gas and insurance, car sharing services help small businesses maximize their time and minimize their hassle.

Zipcar works with local small businesses to provide simple, on-demand transportation solutions. They provide strategically located cars close to your business so you can access them when you want. Zipcar also has vans for rent in addition to a line of fuel-efficient sedans. The vans are great for catering, production, or distribution businesses where equipment constantly needs to be moved from place to place. Billing is a snap and is consolidated in easy-to-understand statements.

The Enterprise CarShare business program lets your company access a fleet of vehicles without owning a single one. Enterprise works with businesses to place vehicles close, reduce fleet costs, and give employees access to the cars they need to get the job done. Fleet car leasing can reduce your transportation cost by 30% and Enterprise’s all-inclusive maintenance and insurance package can make corporate fleet risk management easier. In addition, car sharing helps position your company as one that is eco-friendly.

Location is just one reason for your business to use Hertz 24/7 for fleet management. Great locations across the world and near major airports mean you can use Hertz locally or across several sites for your business. Hertz also equips all of its car share vehicles with NeverLost® GPS system and Bluetooth connectivity, which is perfect for your employees navigating new cities. For larger jobs than simply require getting from point A to point B, you may need a truck which is why Hertz 24/7 has partnered up with Lowe’s, the home improvement chain, to rent trucks and vans by the hour from all of Lowe’s locations across the U.S.