The 4 Best Car Sharing Companies in Portland

Using a car share service makes a lot of sense in Portland. Getting cars off the road in the city makes everyone happier. Whether you’re looking to rent a vehicle a few times a month or own a vehicle you’d like to rent out for some extra cash, Portland has many options for sharing cars to reduce congestion and make an environmental impact.

Car2Go in Portland use a designated zone, a “home area,” for parking instead of having dedicated spots where the cars are assigned. This means you never have to worry about returning your vehicle to the exact location you picked it up. You may use your vehicle anywhere you like for as long as you like. When you’re finished, the car just needs to be parked within the “home area” in an approved parking space. The spaces usually include residential streets, so you can likely park the car right outside your house when you’re done for maximum convenience. Car2Go makes it easy for short trippers and infrequent drivers with no annual fee and by-the-minute charges instead of only hourly or daily rates.

Zipcar is ideally suited to provide car sharing in Portland. Car sharing is cheap, convenient, and green. With vehicles strategically located around the city and several office locations in the area, finding and using a Zipcar is easy. The mobile apps for iPhone and Android let you find vehicles close to you, manage your reservation, or initiate a trip on the go. Simply swipe your Zipcard to access a vehicle, use the complimentary fuel card if you need to fill up, then return it to your guaranteed parking spot. With 180 included miles per day, you can get just about anywhere in the Portland area without worrying about incurring extra fees.

Getaround Portland lets you rent vehicles from other people who want to earn income from their unused cars. This peer-to-peer style system provides access to many types of vehicles depending on who wants to rent their car out at a given time. Most peer-to-peer services charge by the day so it’s difficult to use this type of service for short trips, but Getaround is unique in that it offers renters an hourly rate. If you want to rent out your car, the Getaround Carkit allows secure access to your vehicle by a renter without you having to physically hand off the keys. This avoids the hassle of meeting a total stranger to hand them the keys to your car while enabling you to rent your car even if you’re away. This kit is a near field communications system that works with the renter’s iPhone app.

RelayRides is another peer-to-peer service with unique vehicle types. Unlike GetAround, RelayRides charges by the day so it’s more suited for day or multi-day trips. If you’re heading out to PDX airport for a business trip, try renting your car to someone while you’re away, which is a great alternative to paying for long-term parking. If you’re a traveler heading into Portland, there’s a wide selection of cars to choose from as well.