The 4 Best Car Sharing Companies in Seattle

Seattle is one of the worst cities for traffic in the U.S. Consider being part of the solution by choosing a car sharing service to manage your infrequent need for a car. Car sharing is a great way to avoid vehicle ownership and maintenance costs. On the flip side, if you own a vehicle but don’t use it much, consider renting it out through a peer-to-peer service and earn some extra income while keeping more cars off the road.

With Car2Go Seattle, you never have to worry about returning your vehicle to the exact location you picked it up. That’s because Car2Go vehicles live in a designated “home area,” which is a designated zone within your city. You may use your vehicle anywhere you like as long as you like but, when you end your trip, it must be left inside the home area in an approved parking space. This usually includes residential streets, so you may even be able to park the car right outside your house when you’re done driving. There is no annual fee and Car2Go charges by the minute if you choose, which is convenient for short trips such as errands and shopping trips.

Zipcar Seattle makes it easy to use a car without owning one. Zipcar spots are easy to find around the Seattle area and the mobile app gives you a great picture of where available cars are located if you’re out and about. With the Zipcar Seattle app, you can browse vehicles and reserve a car in your neighborhood or another city when you’re traveling, all from your iPhone or Android device. A prepaid gas card is included in every vehicle. In addition to the gas card, $1 million in insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance are included in your price.

If you’ve had a problem finding the right vehicle for you, then check out RelayRides. This peer-to-peer car share service matches individuals who need to rent a car with people looking to rent theirs out. RelayRides has many vehicles types in Seattle, from run-of-the-mill sedans to luxury SUVs. If you’re traveling via air, you can keep your car at the airport for free by renting out your vehicle to incoming travelers while you’re away. When you return, your newly washed car will be waiting for you to drive back home. Considering how high airport parking fees can get, this service is an excellent way to save money.

Hertz 24/7 runs an impressive fleet of cars, trucks, vans, and hybrids in cities throughout the world, including Seattle. Because of their size, Hertz is able to facilitate one-way rentals, which is a rare feature among car share companies. Hertz equips all of its car share vehicles with a GPS system and Bluetooth connectivity. The GPS system provides up-to-date weather forecasts and current flight status information, plus street-level navigation. Despite its cumbersome website navigation, with several locations in the area, Hertz 24/7 is a great choice for car sharing in Seattle.