The 3 Best Car Sharing Companies for Students

It’s at times uneconomical to own a car when you’re a university student. Limited parking and the minor need to regularly drive long distances are a few reasons. However, it’s still nice to take a drive once in a while to grab groceries, watch a movie, or just clear your head from the stresses of final exams. Enter car sharing. Car sharing, or short-term rentals, is a great way to pay a small amount for a car only when you need it. These services are extremely popular in college campuses across the U.S. Below are the best car sharing companies for students.

Zipcar works with local universities to provide transportation solutions for students, faculty, and staff. From Yale to UC Berkeley, Zipcar for University is making a difference in college campuses across the country. For students, this means reduced fees and a lowered age requirement to rent a vehicle. If you’re affiliated with one of Zipcar’s university partners, you only have to be 18 to use one of their cars. The mobile apps are a snap to use: Reserve a car on your way to class right from your mobile phone.

The Enterprise CarShare university program is loaded with discounts for students. The one-time $20 activation fee is typically waived for students. Annual membership fees are usually slashed between 10% and 30% as well. Enterprise drops the driving age to 18 for university students. Insurance, gas, and 200 miles per day are included in the standard rental rate for a trip. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck on the mobile app front and are limited to booking or making changes to your reservation from your home computer, but Enterprise’s host of other benefits still makes it worth checking out.

Car2Go doesn’t have an explicit program for universities, but their growth plans clearly revolve around college campuses in the U.S. and abroad. Currently in 16 European and North American cities, Car2Go is located predominantly near major campuses such as the University of Texas at Austin, Ohio State University, and the University of Calgary in Canada. Car2Go often runs Groupon and Facebook campaigns for reduced fees with a student ID. With Car2Go, students have access to a fleet of smart cars and free parking around most campuses.