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Last updated on November 12, 2015

GoSmart Mobile Review

GoSmart Mobile is a good choice if you're looking for an affordable, unlimited monthly prepaid plan, but their limited selection of phones and slow data speeds put them behind their competitors.

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The Good

Affordable unlimited plans

GoSmart Mobile offers three unlimited prepaid plans, all for under $50 per month. This is extremely affordable compared to some other companies, which charge upwards of $70 for the same services. All plans come with unlimited talk and text and a couple come with unlimited web as well. Speeds vary depending on the plan you choose. None of these prepaid plans charge you for long distance or roaming, so all you need to pay is the monthly fee and then you’re free to use as many minutes as you need all month long. These plans make GoSmart Mobile an excellent alternative for individuals who want an unlimited plan but have had difficulty finding one they can afford.

Multiple ways to pay

With GoSmart Mobile, you can choose to refill your account online, in person at one of their retailers, or from your cell phone. There’s also the option to enroll in their auto-refill program, which automatically withdraws your monthly fee without you having to do anything. This is perfect for individuals who worry they might forget to pay otherwise. Having multiple one-time payment options is useful, too, though. If you don’t intend to have your phone for a long time or just don’t want to enroll in auto-pay, you still have several quick and easy ways to pay for your prepaid plan when you need to.

Simple sign-up process

In order to sign up for a prepaid phone plan from GoSmart Mobile, you must first purchase a phone or SIM card from them. Once you’ve received your phone or SIM card in the mail, head over to GoSmart Mobile’s website and choose your plan. Activate your phone and you’re all set. Aside from waiting for your phone to arrive, the whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes. Then, once you’ve signed up, you can manage and refill your account online. Because prepaid plans don’t require a contract, you can also easily switch from one plan to another if necessary.

The Bad

Monthly plans

While you don’t have to sign a contract with GoSmart Mobile, you do have to pay for services a month at a time because there are no pay-as-you-go plans. All of GoSmart’s monthly plans offer unlimited talk and text, which is great if you plan on using your phone frequently. If you only use your cell phone occasionally, though, or just for emergencies, you may want to look at some other companies like T-Mobile. Not only do they have monthly plans, but also daily and pay-as-you-go plans, which are better suited to infrequent users.

Few phones to choose from

At the moment, GoSmart Mobile only has three cell phones available for purchase on their website. If you don’t like any of these, you’re much better off using your own device and just purchasing a SIM card from GoSmart. This gives you plenty more options to find a phone that you like. GoSmart Mobile’s SIM cards are relatively affordable and work with the majority of cell phones, including iPhones.

3G speeds only

Even with GoSmart Mobile’s best plan, you only receive up to 3G speeds when surfing the web on your phone. Whether or not this will be an issue depends on how you use your phone but, if you spend a lot of time online, other prepaid phone providers might be better suited to you. Many companies offer cell phones with 4G LTE speeds, which dramatically speeds up page loading times. However, these plans are usually considerably more expensive than GoSmart’s 3G plans, so you have to take your budget into consideration as well.

The Details

Monthly Plans

  • Activation Fee: None
  • Data: Unlimited
  • Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • Monthly Rate: $25 - $40
  • Texts Included: Unlimited


  • Access Fee: N/A
  • Activation Fee: N/A
  • Cost Per Minute: N/A
  • Cost Per Text (MMS): N/A
  • Cost Per Text (SMS): N/A
  • Data: N/A