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ADrive is an excellent choice for anyone shopping for a low price on cloud storage. Their free plan is among the most generous in the industry, though it's a little more limited in terms of features.

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The Good

Back up 50GB at no cost

ADrive offers the most generous free cloud storage plan in the industry, with 25 times the average amount of storage space available at no charge. This plan is ad-supported and a little more limited in terms of features, but if you’re just looking for a place to back up and sync your files, it’s perfect. You’re not able to download the ADrive desktop application if you’re on the Basic plan, but that shouldn’t limit your access too much. Log in to your account on ADrive’s website or use one of their mobile apps to view, edit, and share your files.

Good fit for tight budgets

ADrive’s paid plans are extremely flexible and relatively affordable considering how much storage space they give you. Personal users who outgrow the Basic plan are able to get 100GB of storage space for just a few dollars per month. Whenever you need to, upgrade to the next level for more storage space. There’s no limit to how much you’re able to grow your plan, but anything over 10TB requires you to talk to a sales representative to devise a custom solution. ADrive also gives you the opportunity to save on their already affordable rates by paying for one, two, or three years of service upfront. While this requires paying much more when you sign up for the service, you end up paying less in the long run.

Easily transfer your files

ADrive enables users to upload files to their account via FTP, SCP, and SFTP. Many other cloud storage providers limit their customers to transferring files using the service’s web interface or desktop application. This makes ADrive’s offerings unique and extremely valuable if you need a fast and secure way to transfer large files. ADrive also enables you to manage and upload your files through WebDAV. This is another relatively unusual tool among cloud storage services and it lets you access all of the files you’ve uploaded to the cloud without having to log in to your account on ADrive’s website.

Conveniently edit documents from within the cloud

ADrive integrates with the CRM software Zoho so you can edit your files while they’re in the cloud without first downloading them to your computer. Any changes you make are automatically synced to the cloud and all your other devices. Only certain types of files, like Word documents and spreadsheets, can be edited through ADrive, but that should suffice for most people. The ability to edit your documents online is not to be underappreciated, especially since it’s fairly uncommon in the cloud storage industry. Groups collaborating on projects can rest easier knowing they’re always viewing the latest versions of their files since it isn’t necessary to download the file to make edits. It’s also a nice option to have when you want to access your files from a public computer where you don’t want to store the file on that particular machine.

Control who has access to your files

ADrive lets you send out custom links via email to grant others access to your files and folders. All the recipient has to do is click on the link in the email and they’re able to download the shared file. If you don’t want to grant someone full access to your document, adjust their permissions to read-only mode so they can view but not edit. Another nice thing about ADrive’s sharing tools is they give you the option to limit how long others can view your files for. Set an expiration date on shared files and, once that date has passed, the file goes back to private mode.

Get technical support whenever you need it

ADrive’s Premium and Business customers are eligible for email and phone support if they run into any problems with their cloud storage accounts. Support representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have. There’s also a forum where users can post their questions for other members of the community or ADrive representatives to answer. Although this isn’t a critical component of a cloud storage provider, 24/7 support is rare in this industry and, if you’re having problems logging in to your account or downloading a file, you’ll be grateful that someone is standing by to help.

The Bad

No SSL encryption with free plan

Only members of the Premium and Business plans have their files protected by SSL encryption to keep documents secure. Basic users must upgrade if they want this level of protection on their account. For some, it may not be a high priority but, for those who have important files that need to be kept private, SSL encryption is a must. If you can’t afford to upgrade to a paid plan, check out Google Drive’s free cloud storage plan instead. You don’t get as much storage space — only 15GB — but all of your information is encrypted.

Basic users can't upload large files

File-size limits for ADrive’s Basic customers are just 2GB per file. Though this should be plenty for most documents, it becomes an issue when you’re trying to upload large videos to the cloud. In this case, it’s wise to explore some other options or consider upgrading to a paid plan. These plans come with more storage space and limits of 16GB per file, which should be enough to cover just about anything, including videos.

The Details

Personal Plans

  • Max File Size: 2GB - 16GB
  • Monthly Price: $0 - $250.00
  • Storage Limits: 50GB - 10TB

Business Plans

  • Max File Size: 16GB
  • Monthly Price: $7.00 - $700.00
  • Storage Limits: 200GB - Unlimited

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