The 4 Best Cloud Storage for Business

The best business cloud storage solution for your company largely depends on how you plan to use the service. If you just want to back up your files in case of a crash, a high storage limit and an affordable price will be most important. When team collaboration on documents is important, look for a company that enables you to edit your files from within the system and leave comments directly on the documents. Strong mobile tools are a must when your employees travel a lot outside the office. By focusing on the key features that are most valuable to you and your organization and testing out the cloud storage service before purchasing, you shouldn’t have any problem narrowing down your options.

Box earns the title of the best business cloud storage provider because they offer so much more than the ability to manage documents. Group communication is made much easier thanks to the comment and discussion features, which enable you to directly address your team members with any questions or concerns you have related to a particular file or folder. Administrators are able to adjust user permissions and assign tasks to employees just as they would with project management software. The Box interface also has a live update feed so you can keep track of what changes have been made to your files recently. There’s even a number of tools designed to speed up the sales process. And what business software would be complete without custom branding? Choose your colors and upload your company logo for a look that fits right in with your brand.

Like Google Drive, OpenDrive enables users to create and edit documents from right within the system rather than requiring them to be uploaded to the cloud. Several versions of a document are stored so you can go back to any of the previous and restore them as needed. Sign up for activity notifications if you want to be informed whenever certain files are uploaded, changed, or deleted from the cloud. This helps you stay up to date on all your files and projects. Administrators have full control over employee accounts through the control panel and are able to dictate how much storage space each user is allowed. File permissions and user groups also help limit employees’ access. Like the two companies listed above, OpenDrive also allows their customers to customize their account with a company logo and appropriate color scheme. This is a nice option to have, particularly if you plan on sharing a lot of files with your clients through OpenDrive.

Storegate is a solid choice whether you’re looking for small-business cloud storage or something to suit a larger organization. Their plans are easily scalable and designed to help you sync all of your important documents with the cloud and your other devices. There isn’t much in the way of collaboration tools in place, but users are able to edit files from directly within the cloud without first downloading it to their machine, which helps ensure everyone’s always looking at the most current versions of the stored documents. Like the other companies on this list, Storegate also has advanced administrative controls so it’s easy to sort employees into roles and assign them specific permissions for each file or folder in the cloud. If you’re interested in Storegate’s Enterprise plan, you can back up your servers as well as your computers. This type of backup isn’t all that common among cloud storage providers, so Storegate is worth a closer look if this is important to you.

Google Drive is another service to check out when you’re looking for cloud storage for business use. In terms of team collaboration, they really can’t be beat. Multiple users are able to edit a document simultaneously and they can use the built-in chat tool to talk to each other in real time. Leaving a comment in the Google Doc is another option, and tagging your team members in the post sends emails notifying them of your comment so they can see it and quickly respond. Another perk of choosing Google Drive for your business cloud storage provider is their competitive pricing. Google offers some of the most affordable rates in the industry on cloud storage and there’s always the option to grow your plan whenever you need more space. Google Docs files don’t count against your storage limit, though, so you should be able to get by with less space than you’d be able to with another company. In addition to all this, Google Drive integrates with a number of third-party applications, including project management and online document-signing software.