ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive is a top choice for individuals who would like the option of backing up multiple devices to the cloud without paying extra for each. It includes simple yet robust features and if you use a NAS then it's probably already integrated since it's integrated with more NAS products than any other cloud backup service. Although users with video files over 1GB will want to look elsewhere.

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The Good

Easy to upload and sync files

When you install ElephantDrive to your computer, there are two different folders you can upload files to: Backup and Everywhere. The Backup folder sends anything you put there to the cloud for storage. It’s accessible from that particular computer and your online account. This is a good place to put the important documents you don’t want to lose. The Everywhere folder syncs your files with the cloud and your other devices, so you’re able to access your documents from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Getting started with ElephantDrive is as simple as dragging the files from your computer to these folders. Once they’re synced, a little green check mark appears next to the files on your computer so you know they’re stored in the ElephantDrive cloud.

Back up all of your devices

ElephantDrive doesn’t place any restrictions on how many computers, tablets, and phones you’re able to back up aside from the total storage space limit of the plan you purchased. Some other companies restrict your total backups to one computer per license and, if you have more than one computer, those plans could get expensive fairly quickly. You don’t have to worry about this with ElephantDrive, so they’re worth investigating further if you need to back up multiple devices to your cloud storage account.

Works with all major operating systems

ElephantDrive has desktop apps available for Windows, Macs, and Linux computers. This versatility is not all that common among cloud storage providers and makes ElephantDrive a good company to choose if you need to access your files from multiple computers that run different operating systems. Linux users especially should take a closer look at ElephantDrive because there aren’t that many online storage services that cater to this particular operating system. No matter which type of computer you’re using, there’s always the option to access your files from ElephantDrive’s website.

Safely share your files

Sharing files with ElephantDrive is as easy as right clicking on the desired file and copying the file link. Then, email the link to the recipient and they’ll have access once they click on it. Sharing a folder works in a similar way. Right click on the folder you want and choose to share it. When security’s a concern, add a password to the file to ensure only the intended parties can access it. You create the password when you’re generating the link and all you have to do is notify the recipient of both.

Popular mobile apps for on-the-go access

ElephantDrive offers highly rated mobile apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone users that include many of the capabilities found with their desktop program. View and share your files and synced devices from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. If you need access to a file while not connected to the Internet, download it to your phone with just a tap. In addition, these mobile apps enable you to back up your phone’s data, including contacts, photos, and videos, to the cloud.

The Bad

Can't upload large files

On ElephantDrive’s personal plans, it’s impossible to upload files larger than 1GB, and business users are capped at 5GB per file. Though this is plenty for most documents, certain file types, such as lengthy videos, may end up being larger than 1GB. If you have a number of files that are too large to back up, it’s to your advantage to keep searching for another cloud storage provider. A company like SugarSync is a good choice because they don’t impose file size restrictions at all.

Unlimited plans for businesses only

Individuals interested in signing up for one of ElephantDrive’s personal plans are limited to 2TB of total storage space. While this is a sizeable amount, it doesn’t compare to the unlimited plans offered by companies like Carbonite or ElephantDrive’s business plans. For most people, though, 2TB is more than enough cloud storage, but it’s still something to keep in mind when searching for the best online storage provider.

Interface makes some tasks tricky

While uploading and syncing files to ElephantDrive is as simple as dragging the file to the correct folder, other tasks are much more complicated than they need to be. For example, if you’ve shared a file with another person and later decide you don’t want them to have access to it, you may have to do some searching to figure out how to stop sharing that document. Sharing permissions are located in a completely different part of your account from the main Everywhere and Backup folders. It would be nice to see ElephantDrive make their user interface more streamlined to make tasks like this a little easier.

The Details

Personal Plans

  • Max File Size: 1GB
  • Monthly Price: $0 - $169.95
  • Storage Limits: 2GB - 2TB

Business Plans

  • Max File Size: 5GB
  • Monthly Price: $25.00 - $1,840.00
  • Storage Limits: 50GB - 5TB

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