MyPCBackup Review

MyPCBackup's simple user interface and multitude of mobile apps make backing up and accessing important documents quick and easy. However, those looking for free cloud storage won't find it here.

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The Good

Store as much as you want

MyPCBackup is an ideal choice for individuals who have large amounts of information to back up because they offer a personal unlimited plan at a very reasonable price. With this plan, you’re able to back up as many documents, photos, videos, and other files as you need while paying the same flat fee. Though unlimited storage space is commonly offered to businesses, it’s a little more difficult to find the same option for individual users, which makes MyPCBackup’s service all the more valuable. There are also 75GB and 250GB storage plans available as well, which is a good fit if you have smaller online storage needs.

Quickly back up all your information

Backing up files with MyPCBackup is as simple as dragging and dropping the desired documents into the control panel of the MyPCBackup desktop app. The backup starts automatically and is updated daily, so any new changes are always saved. If you’d like your information backed up more frequently, change the backup schedule in the settings. Upgrade to hourly backups or select specific days you want MyPCBackup to run on. If you make any major changes to a document and want to be sure they’re saved right away, just select the Start Backup button on the main screen of the desktop app. It may take a little while the first time you upload your files, but subsequent backups usually occur more quickly because only the changes, as opposed to everything, are saved.

Easily access files on the go

MyPCBackup has mobile apps available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Kindle devices. These apps are completely free and enable you to upload, view, and share your files just as you would from your home computer. They also have more advanced capabilities, such as the options to record voice memos, write notes, and draw doodles. All of these additions are immediately backed up to the cloud with the rest of your files. What really makes MyPCBackup’s mobile apps stand out from the crowd, though, is they’re available on every single major platform. This makes it easy to access your files from just about any device as long as you have an Internet connection. In addition, MyPCBackup also has a mobile version of their website.

Earn extra space for free

MyPCBackup gives customers an opportunity to earn extra storage space by staying loyal and spreading the word about their service. Testing their mobile apps, posting or tweeting about the cloud backup service, and inviting your friends to join are all easy ways to add some extra storage space to your account without paying to upgrade your plan. Plus, every month you stay with MyPCBackup, you’ll earn an additional 1GB of storage. Few other cloud storage providers offer these types of rewards to their customers, so it’s something to think about when choosing which company you want to go with.

The Bad

Paid plans only

MyPCBackup offers three very affordable storage plans for personal users, but there isn’t a free plan available for individuals who just want to back up a few important files. For these people, a company that does offer free storage is going to be a better fit. Google Drive is a good one to choose because they offer 15GB of storage space at no cost. But, if you’re planning on backing up your computer’s entire hard drive, the plans offered by MyPCBackup are great because they give you a sizeable amount of storage space at a very competitive price.

Backing up multiple computers costs extra

The basic MyPCBackup plans give you a designated amount of storage space and the ability to back up a single computer. If you have two or more computers you’d like to back up, though, you need to purchase extra licenses. MyPCBackup isn’t the only company to do this, but there are plenty of others that don’t impose this restriction on their customers. It may be worthwhile to check out one of these cloud service providers if you have more than one computer that needs backing up. But, for the average user that’s just looking to back up their own computer, this won’t be an issue.

Not designed for collaboration

MyPCBackup isn’t designed to be a collaborative cloud service, so you’re limited in terms of what you can do with the files once they’re in the cloud. You’re able to share and sync files and folders with other devices, but you need the file on your computer to edit it. Most people choosing MyPCBackup, though, are doing so because they want to securely back up their important documents, so the lack of collaborative tools shouldn’t be a concern. If you are interested in a cloud service that has these tools, however, you’re better off choosing a different company.

The Details

Personal Plans

  • Max File Size: 10GB
  • Monthly Price: $4.49 - $6.95 (with 2-year commitment)
  • Storage Limits: 75GB - Unlimited

Business Plans

  • Max File Size: 10GB
  • Monthly Price: $35.94 - $678.19
  • Storage Limits: 100GB - 5TB

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