Storegate Review

Storegate's easily scalable plans and advanced business tools make them a strong choice for teams and organizations looking to manage their files in one central location. However, there's a bit of a higher learning curve due to the complex user interface.

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The Good

Add as much storage space as you need

Each of Storegate’s plans comes with a set amount of storage space included but, if you find you need more than that, you’re able to expand your limit by paying an additional monthly fee. There’s virtually no end to how much you can grow your storage space, though beyond a certain point you must contact a Storegate representative to discuss your needs and get a quote. If you anticipate needing more storage space in the future or require a large amount of space to start with, Storegate is a good company to choose because they offer several plans to choose from and will work with you to come up with the perfect cloud storage solution.

Easily manage employee access

The Team plan from Storegate gives you complete control over which of your employees can view certain files while offering the peace of mind knowing your files are securely stored in the cloud. From the administrator control panel, create sub-accounts for each of your employees and dictate what they’re able to do within the system. There’s also an option to assign roles to each individual user on your account. Keeping files secure within the system is as easy as adding passwords and limiting the number of people who are shared on certain folders. Business tools like these are relatively rare in the industry but extremely valuable, particularly if your company has large amounts of data that need sharing.

Seamless editing within the cloud

Storegate’s business customers are able to access and edit their files without downloading them to their computer. Few other cloud storage services have this capability and, if you’re collaborating on a project, it’s invaluable. You never have to worry about whether someone else is making changes to a different version of the file because there’s no downloading or re-uploading involved. In order to get started making changes, open the Storegate folder on your desktop app or through your online account. Then, select the file and start making changes. Your edits are synced to the cloud automatically so, when your colleague edits that file later, they see the latest changes you’ve made.

Access your files anywhere on any device

Storegate is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, so viewing and sharing your files doesn’t have to stop the second you step away from your computer. Install the free app on any tablet or smartphone, log in to your account, and instantly access your files. Download them if you want to view them even when you’re offline. The mobile apps also enable you to back up the data on your phone, including photos and videos. All of this is then uploaded to your Storegate cloud account and accessible from any other connected device.

The Bad

Complicated interface

Compared to other companies like SugarSync, Storegate’s program interface is much more complex, so it might take a little longer to get the hang of. If you’re new to cloud storage providers, this may not be the best place to begin. Storegate’s desktop app is packed with features and enables you to start, stop, and schedule backups to suit your schedule. You’re also able to share files with others and manage file permissions. While all these things are great, they don’t count for much if you have difficulty understanding how to use them. It would be nice to see Storegate improve this in future versions of their apps but, for now, it’s just something you need to be aware of before making your purchase. If you’re not sure whether Storegate will make a good fit for you, it’s always wise to take advantage of the free trial and test out the service before you buy.

Free plan isn't for backing up files

Storegate’s Cloud plan, which is completely free, allows you to sync up to 2GB of files across all of your devices, but you need to pay if you want to back up those same files. Depending on your budget and how you plan on using the cloud service, this may be a problem. Individuals who just want an easy way to access their files while away from their computer should be perfectly happy with the free plan.

Limited to one computer per license

When it comes to backing up your files with Storegate, you have to pay extra for every computer beyond the first since Storegate limits you to the backup of a single computer per license. While this is not unusual for a cloud storage provider, there are several companies that don’t have these restrictions on their plans. If you intend to back up more than one device to the cloud, it’s a good idea to investigate some of these other options, such as Mozy. Their services are comparable to Storegate’s without any restrictions on the number of computers you can back up or sync to.

The Details

Personal Plans

  • Max File Size: 2GB
  • Monthly Price: $0 - $35.98
  • Storage Limits: 2GB - 200GB

Business Plans

  • Max File Size: 2GB - Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $9.99 - $344.99
  • Storage Limits: 10GB - Unlimited

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