SugarSync Review

SugarSync is simple enough for the average user looking to back up their home computer, yet powerful enough to help organizations seamlessly manage their important files with robust mobile and software-integration tools.

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The Good

Clean, easy-to-use user interface

The SugarSync desktop app has a simple interface that puts all the most important tools right at your fingertips. From the Cloud tab, you can view all the files you currently have saved to the cloud, and downloading any of those files to your computer is as simple as right clicking. The drag-and-drop section at the bottom of this tab makes uploading files much faster. Under the Sharing tab is a list of all the files you’ve shared with others as well as those that have been shared with you. The Activity tab contains a list of all the recent changes made to the files in your cloud and the Search tab helps you quickly locate the files you need. This is the exact same way your online account is set up as well.

Never lose any changes

When a file is being edited on two separate computers, SugarSync saves both files as separate versions to ensure no changes are accidentally overwritten. Each file is labeled according to which computer it came from so you can easily distinguish between the different versions. Then, fixing the problem is as simple as making any necessary changes to the master version of the file in question and deleting the extra copy. This isn’t a very common feature with cloud storage companies but it is a very useful one, particularly for groups where multiple people are working on the same file.

Accepts any file size for your convenience

SugarSync doesn’t impose any rules on what types of files can be uploaded to the cloud, so they’re a good company to choose if you have a number of videos or other large files you want backed up. In order to save some time, though, it’s smarter to sync the file or folder to the cloud rather than manually uploading it. This ensures your file gets stored in the cloud without worrying as much about it slowing down your Internet speeds. Just make sure you stay within your total storage limit.

Highly rated mobile tools

The simple interface found with SugarSync’s desktop app carries over to their mobile apps, which have garnered extremely positive reviews from customers. Viewing, editing, and sharing your files only takes a few clicks and, if you choose to, there’s an option to allow SugarSync to automatically back up all the photos and videos stored on your phone to the cloud. Users who want to conserve data can also set up their backups so they only take place when their phone’s connected to Wi-Fi. These apps are available for tablets as well, making it even easier to stay connected to your important files no matter where you are.

Conveniently share files with others

SugarSync enables you to share files and folders stored anywhere on your hard drive. There’s no need to move all your documents into a designated sharing folder like most other cloud storage services require you to do. This makes the process of sharing documents with others much more efficient. The easiest way to do this is by right clicking on the file and choosing the Copy Public Link option. Then, you’re able to send this link through email or social media. Stop sharing that file at any time by adjusting the sharing permissions. There’s no need to keep shuffling files around between folders with SugarSync. Everything can be done with just a few clicks.

Sync other online services you already use

There are a number of apps you can download to connect SugarSync with other services, including other cloud storage software. This enables you to view all of your stored files in one place so it’s easy to keep track of everything. Frequent email users should check out the apps that enable you to integrate SugarSync with your email inbox. All you need to do is attach the desired file to an email and send it, and it’s automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can even choose which folder to store it in. For businesses, there’s also the option to link your cloud storage with popular customer relationship management software like Salesforce and Zendesk. Not everyone may have a need for these different integrations, but the fact that SugarSync makes them available has helped them stand out as a very versatile addition to the cloud storage industry.

The Bad

No plans with free storage

SugarSync isn’t a good fit for individuals looking for free storage space because, after 90 days, you must upgrade to a paid account if you want to keep using the cloud service. This is relatively unusual considering most online storage providers allow their customers to keep their free plans as long as they like and only upgrade when they need more space. If this is the type of plan you’re looking for, a company like ADrive is a better fit. They offer an extremely generous free plan and you can keep it as long as you need with no expiration dates.

Low storage limits for individual plans

Compared to the rest of the industry, SugarSync’s maximum 250GB storage limit for individual users is a little below average. It’s not uncommon to find individual plans with storage of 1TB or more with other cloud storage providers. These plans are going to be the way to go if you have a number of large files, like videos, you need backed up to the cloud. For most people, a 250GB plan should be plenty but, if you’re near that limit already and anticipate exceeding it in the future, it might be better to go with a different company.

The Details

Personal Plans

  • Max File Size: Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $7.49 - $24.99
  • Storage Limits: 60GB - 250GB

Business Plans

  • Max File Size: Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $55.00 - Unlimited
  • Storage Limits: 1000GB+

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