ZipCloud Review

ZipCloud offers a generous amount of storage space to their customers at a very reasonable price, making them a good fit for individuals looking to back up their entire computer with ease. Those with large files and multiple devices may want to look elsewhere, however.

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The Good

No limits on how much you can store

ZipCloud has three plans available for individual users, including an unlimited storage plan. This type of plan, though commonly available to businesses, is somewhat more difficult to find for personal users. This is ideal if you’re looking to back up your entire computer hard drive and find some of the other paid plans don’t offer enough space. ZipCloud’s unlimited plan is also a good fit for individuals who have a lot of pictures, videos, and music files they’d like to save, as these take up quite a bit of room. Given how much this plan offers, the rate is surprisingly affordable at less than $7 per month when you pay for two years upfront.

Configure backups to suit your needs

ZipCloud’s default setting is to back up your important files to the cloud on a daily basis, but this can easily be changed if you’d like your data saved more or less frequently. Hourly backups are best for your frequently updated files while a weekly or monthly backup is a better fit if you don’t want the uploading process to slow down your Internet speeds. There’s an additional option to run your backup only when your computer is idle. There’s no restrictions on what types of files you can upload to ZipCloud, but if you want the backup to only include certain file types, just add the unwanted files to the exclusions list in the settings. This flexibility should help to speed up the uploading process while still make sure that all your important changes are saved.

Keep working on the go

Thanks to ZipCloud’s numerous mobile apps for all types of tablets and smartphones, you can continue viewing and editing your files even when you have to step away from your computer. Adding a file to your phone or tablet is as simple as finding it in your Sync folder and downloading it. All your changes are automatically saved, so you’ll see the latest version the next time you view that document on your computer. These mobile apps go beyond just letting you access and edit documents, however. There are also tools in place to help you create voice memos, write notes, and even stream music you have uploaded to the cloud.

Get answers whenever you need them

ZipCloud, like their sister sites MyPCBackup and JustCloud, offers 24/7 support to their customers who run into problems while using their service. If an issue does arise, you have the option to contact ZipCloud’s support representatives by phone or email. There are also video tutorials and a detailed FAQ section on the website. Not all cloud providers offer this many channels of support to their customers and, while you may not ever have a need for it, it can give you some peace of mind knowing there are people standing by to help you if you run into trouble with the cloud storage service.

The Bad

Unable to back up multiple computers

ZipCloud doesn’t impose any restrictions on the number of devices you can sync your files with, but they only allow you to back up files from a single computer. Depending on how you intend to use the cloud storage service, this could be problematic. If you find you need to back up more than one machine, you must purchase an additional license from ZipCloud. This is going to affect how much you pay, so it’s important to factor this in before making your purchase. However, if you only plan on backing up your home computer to protect your files in case of a computer crash, one computer backup will suffice.

Must back up large files manually

Although ZipCloud lets you back up files as large as 10GB in size, anything over 1GB must be backed up manually using the drag-and-drop section of the control panel. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern for the majority of people, as most documents won’t be anywhere near this large. If you do have a number of big video files, though, it might be worth paying a little extra to increase your file size limit. Customers who choose to go this route only need to manually back up files over 5GB because the automated daily backup takes care of the rest.

No way to control user access

Anyone you share a file with is able to view and edit that file in whatever way they want because there’s no way to restrict user permissions on files or folders. The ability to add permissions to your stored documents is a common feature found with most other online storage providers, so it would be nice to see ZipCloud add this to their menu of services as well. The good news is they’re working on doing just that, so hopefully adding permissions will be possible in the near future. For those individuals who are just planning on using ZipCloud as an online backup service, sharing files isn’t likely to be a top priority, so this shouldn’t be a concern at all.

The Details

Personal Plans

  • Max File Size 10GB
  • Monthly Price $4.49 -$6.95 (with 2-year commitment)
  • Storage Limits 75GB - Unlimited

Business Plans

  • Max File Size: 10GB
  • Monthly Price: $35.94 - $678.19
  • Storage Limits: 100GB - 5TB

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