The 3 Best Business Credit Report Sites

As a small business owner, you are going to have different credit needs than an individual, so it makes sense that when shopping for credit services, you would have different priorities. Having the option to view your business credit report and scores is going to be a must, and business credit monitoring is likely to be high on the feature list, too. But another often overlooked factor that should be considered in your search for business credit services is the additional tools that the company provides to enhance your marketing campaigns and assist you with debt collection and fraud prevention. If you’re torn between several companies, considering these features in addition to the price of business credit scores and reports can help you decide.

Experian tops the list of the best business credit services due to its wide range of tools available for small businesses. For those just interested in a business credit report, Experian offers one for only $34.95, significantly cheaper than what Equifax charges for their business reports. Business credit monitoring is also cheaper with Experian, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious small business owners. One area where Experian really goes above and beyond is with its small business marketing tools. Whether you’re focusing on direct mail or email marketing, you will be able to find tools and educational resources designed to help you better understand and better execute your campaigns. One really unique feature offered by Experian is website optimization services, which can improve your site’s browser compatibility and its ranking in search engines. In addition, Experian offers fraud prevention and debt collection tools, which can be a big help to any small business owner. And if all that isn’t enough, Experian offers a blog about small business that offers some valuable insights into social media, email marketing, and customer loyalty, among other topics. Whether you’re just looking to get your business credit score or for tools that can help take your small business to the next level, Experian won’t disappoint.

TransUnion falls behind Experian on the business credit services list in large part due to its lack of transparent pricing and more limited selection of small business tools and resources. While you can get a credit report for business from TransUnion, you won’t be able to find any pricing information online. When you’re trying to choose between multiple companies, having to contact TransUnion for further information can be rather annoying. Another important factor to consider when looking for small business credit services is the additional tools the company provides beyond the business credit score. TransUnion does provide some debt collection and identity verification tools, which are nice features for any small business owner. They also offer , which help you create more targeted marketing campaigns, though their marketing tools do not extend beyond this. If there was one giant omission in TransUnion’s small business offerings, it would be the lack of business credit monitoring. Having the ability to monitor your major partners or clients, in addition to your own business credit score, can play a big role in protecting your business from fraudulent charges or major losses.

Equifax finishes at the bottom of the list of the best business credit services because their prices are comparatively higher and they do not provide any additional small business services to their customers. With a price tag of $99.95, the best option for price-conscious shoppers looking for a credit report for business isn’t likely to be Equifax. Their business credit monitoring is similarly pricey, coming in at $19.95 per month, though some small business owners may like the option to pay in monthly installments, something that Experian does not offer. The biggest thing that sets Equifax’s small business credit services behind the others in the industry is the lack of any sort of additional tools that could be helpful to the small business owner. The top two companies offer marketing tools to help with generating more revenue for the small business, along with debt collection and identity verification features. If you’re just looking for a business credit report or credit monitoring, Equifax may still be an option for you, but if those other features are high on your priority list, you’re probably better off going with one of the other top companies.