Like several other Experian-owned credit websites, offers cheap credit reports and scores when you sign up for their more expensive, but highly reliable, credit monitoring service. Their services are limited in certain ways, but if you're looking for some affordable and basic offerings, is still worth the look.

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The Good

Get alerts of changes to your reports

Despite its name, where excels is credit monitoring. They monitor your credit reports from all three major credit agencies and alert you immediately of any significant changes, including opening new accounts, late payments, and new inquiries. All of these alerts can be viewed from your online account, and you are sent an email notification so you don’t have to log in every day. You can also set up text message alerts. At the end of each month, you receive a credit statement detailing all the activity in the past 30 days. With all of these different methods of notification, you know right away if someone has stolen your identity or if there’s an error on your report, enabling you to take care of the problem as promptly as possible.

Affordably priced credit reports

With, you can view all three of your credit reports for $1. However, like, you are enrolled in a trial for a credit monitoring service and, you get charged if you don’t cancel your account in time. If you do cancel your account within the initial trial period, you only pay the $1 and still get to see your credit reports. This is quite reasonable considering some other sites charge nearly $40 for a triple-bureau credit score. Everyone is entitled to one free credit report per year per the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act, but if you’ve already used yours for the year, may not be a bad place to turn to as long as you remember to unsubscribe when you’re finished.

Resources to learn more about the credit reporting process

In addition to offering credit reports and credit monitoring, provides a variety of articles to help you learn about improving your credit score, protecting against identity theft, and more. While the availability of such resources probably won’t weigh as heavily on your decision as other factors, the materials do provide a lot of insight into how the credit reporting process works. Particularly beneficial for customers new to credit reporting and monitoring, this information helps you make educated decisions to protect and improve your credit score.

The Bad

Monitoring is expensive

Coming in at just under $25 per month,’s credit monitoring is among the most expensive in the industry. Most other products fall in the $15 to $20 range. This may not seem like much, but it adds up quickly over the course of several months. That being said, you’ll definitely be getting high-quality service if you choose to go with Monitoring for all three credit reports and instant alerts of changes will ensure you’re kept in the loop about your credit activity. But, if price remains a big concern for you, there are other companies like Experian or TransUnion that might be a better fit.

Educational scores only

Because Experian owns, the score you get with your report is Experian’s PLUS score, which isn’t always the same as the more commonly used FICO score. Therefore, while the PLUS score may give you a rough idea of where you stand in terms of creditworthiness, it probably won’t be exactly the same as what lenders see. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just looking at your reports or want your credit monitored, but it is definitely something you should be aware of.

No one-time report

There is no way to get a credit report from without signing up for credit monitoring. This isn’t an issue if you’re interested in more comprehensive credit services, but if you just want your report there might be better options for you. There is one way to get just your credit reports through, though you’ll have to jump through a few extra hoops: Sign up for their credit monitoring trial, view your reports, and then close the account before you’re charged for services you don’t need. It’s more inconvenient, but it gets the job done.

The Details


  • Automatically Enrolled in Credit Monitoring: Yes
  • Available Reports: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion
  • Available Scores: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion
  • Length of Free Trial Period: 7 days
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee After Free Trial: $24.95
  • One-Time Credit Report Price: $1
  • One-Time Credit Score Price: Free


  • Price: $1 for 7-day trial, then $24.95/month

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