MyFICO Review

MyFICO has carved out a niche for themselves by both offering and monitoring FICO scores, a rare combination in the industry. However, their credit reporting and monitoring options for major credit bureaus falls a bit short, which is an inconvenience for those who are interested in an all-in-one solution.

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The Good

Credit monitoring for FICO scores

While you’re able to obtain FICO scores on several websites, MyFICO also offers credit monitoring for FICO scores, which is commonly used by lenders to determine creditworthiness. With Score Watch from MyFICO, you can monitor your FICO scores and access your Equifax credit report. You also receive alerts of major changes to your credit reports along with a Score Simulator, which shows you how certain financial moves affect your FICO score and overall creditworthiness, all for $14.99 per month.

Get your FICO score for free

When you sign up for a 10-day trial of MyFICO’s Score Watch credit monitoring, you also get to view your FICO score at no cost. You must cancel your account within the trial period to avoid a $14.95 monthly charge, but it’s still a great opportunity to access your FICO score. There aren’t many sites in the industry where you can get your FICO scores for free, and since it is the credit score most commonly used by lenders, it’s definitely a good idea to make sure you know where it’s at.

Helps you make smart spending decisions

MyFICO’s Score Simulator tool enables you to see how certain actions like applying for a loan or quickly paying off your balances affects your credit score. This kind of tool is extremely valuable because it helps you make informed decisions about your finances. You can then use this knowledge to improve your FICO credit score. Not all credit report companies have this type of tool.

Online dispute tool

When it comes to correcting errors in your credit report, MyFICO goes the extra mile by offering an online dispute tool that makes it easy to file a dispute and fix the mistake as soon as possible. Other sites require you to contact the credit agency that generated the report in order to reverse the error. MyFICO’s online tool makes the dispute process fast and simple.

The Bad

Missing mobile tools

Although MyFICO does have a mobile website you can use to access your info on the go, it’s the not the same as having a dedicated mobile app. They are not the only credit score and monitoring company that doesn’t provide this to their customers, but there are many others that do offer dedicated mobile apps and one of these may be better for you if you find yourself frequently wanting to check your credit while away from home.

The Details


  • Automatically Enrolled in Credit Monitoring: No
  • Available Reports: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion
  • Available Scores: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, FICO
  • Length of Free Trial Period: N/A
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee After Free Trial: N/A
  • One-Time Credit Report Price: $19.95 for report and score
  • One-Time Credit Score Price: $19.95 for report and score


FICO Standard

  • Price: $19.95 each

FICO Score 3-Report View

  • Price: $59.85

FICO Score Watch

  • Price: $14.95 (3-month minimum required)
  • $149.95/year

FICO 3-Bureau Monitoring

  • $19.95/month (3-month minimum required)
  • $219/year

FICO Identity Ultimate

  • $29.95/month (3-month minimum required)
  • $329/year

The FICO Standard includes a one-time credit score check and credit report where you can access your FICO Score and credit reports from Equifax or TransUnion. The Score Watch credit monitoring service gives you instant access to your FICO Score and Equifax credit report. You can try it for free for 10 days. FICO Quarterly Monitoring will monitor your credit score each quarter and provide you with four FICO Scores and credit reports each year, in addition to daily identity protection monitoring.

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