TransUnion Review

As one of the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion offers some features that are hard to find, including VantageScores as well as business-specific services. However, the inability to see your Equifax or Experian scores puts them behind the top two major credit bureaus.

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The Good

Excellent online tools

TransUnion enables you to create an online account where you can view and monitor your TransUnion credit report and score, alerts associated with your credit score, and summaries of your total debt and credit limit. If you find incorrect items on your credit report, you can file a dispute online, a convenient option not offered by many other companies. Also, if you choose to sign up for TransUnion’s credit monitoring service, you are able to view alerts associated with your credit scores for any of the three major credit reporting agencies. This is a great feature if you’re interested in keeping a close eye on your credit scores, as it immediately lets you know if anything appears out of the ordinary.

VantageScore available

While TransUnion takes a bit of a hit in the rankings for not offering Equifax or Experian scores, it somewhat makes up for it by offering VantageScores. VantageScores are not as common as FICO scores, but they are used by lenders to determine creditworthiness. Surprisingly, even though these scores are used so frequently by lenders, it is a little more difficult for the average consumer to find them. The fact that TransUnion offers them in addition to its TransUnion credit score is a huge plus.

Financial management resources

In addition to providing credit scores and reports, TransUnion also has tools available to help you track and manage your finances. With the TransUnion Plus Money Manager, you can track your credit score over time and get alerts when changes are made to your accounts. You can also set up mobile and email alerts for when your bills are due, which helps you avoid missing payments. Another benefit of signing up with TransUnion Plus Money Manager is the ability to view your VantageScore and update it up to twice a month. This gives you an accurate idea of what your score is and whether it’s moving in a positive or negative direction.

Business services offered

TransUnion offers tools and services custom made for the business owner, whether you own a small business or a corporation. This is an excellent bonus since no company outside of the three major credit bureaus offers these types of services. In addition to the TransUnion credit report and score, businesses can also take advantage of marketing tools, consumer credit data, and debt collection tools. Much like the services provided for an individual, the company offers various fraud protection tools designed to stop an identity thief from damaging your business’ creditworthiness.

The Bad

No access to Equifax or Experian reports

Unlike Equifax and Experian, TransUnion surprisingly does not provide reports or scores from all three bureaus. If you’re interested in seeing more than just your TransUnion credit report, you must look at a different company.

The Details


  • Automatically Enrolled in Credit Monitoring: Yes
  • Available Reports: TransUnion
  • Available Scores: Vantage
  • Length of Free Trial Period: N/A
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee After Free Trial: $19.95
  • One-Time Credit Report Price: $1
  • One-Time Credit Score Price: $1


TransUnion Credit Monitoring

  • Price: $19.95/month

TransUnion Credit Monitoring includes immediate access to your TransUnion credit score with new updates every 30 days. There is a seven-day free trial available. TransUnion also offers three-bureau credit monitoring, which will monitor all three of your credit reports and scores.

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