CampaignerCRM Review

CampaignerCRM offers flexible and solid tools to ensure a complete sales process, making it a good fit for any organization, large or small. However, CampaignerCRM lacks certain built-in and add-on features, which may not be ideal for some businesses.

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The Good

Easily customizable interface

With the intuitive CampaignerCRM interface, you can arrange the tabs however you want and hide the ones you don’t need. The dashboard can be customized by simply dragging and dropping the desired panels into place. Navigating from one area of CampaignerCRM to another is easy to do thanks to the menu bar, which contains links to all the major sections of your account. A user-friendly interface helps drastically reduce the initial learning curve for you and your team.

Custom sales processes

Larger companies with complex sales processes benefit from CampaignerCRM’s Sales Process Manager (SPM). Different processes can be created for opportunities and leads, and you can create as many as you need. Standardize the best-performing processes for your sales team to use as a model so your customers always receive a consistent, high-quality experience with your company.

Complete sales analysis with Pulse reporting

CampaignerCRM’s SPM plan comes with Pulse reporting, which enables you and your sales team to view all the relevant information about your opportunities and accounts. This tool keeps track of tasks and recent activities in addition to forecasting sales. There are several different ways to view your data, using a filter to narrow in on the information you need to view. The charts enable you to drill down into the data sets that were used. Tools like these give you some excellent insight into your sales processes and help you identify where any adjustments need to be made.

Integration with popular third-party programs

Although CampaignerCRM does not have an app marketplace to customize your program, it does integrate well with several third-party programs, including all the popular social media platforms. You can connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to track your customers’ latest posts and updates to gain insight into what is resonating with them. CampaignerCRM also integrates with QuickBooks, enabling you to quickly sync your customer information between these two programs and generate estimates, invoices, receipts, and more.

Free plan for small businesses

CampaignerCRM offers three plans to choose from, one of which is completely free and offers many similar features as their paid plans. The complimentary option is ideal for a single user new to CRM software who has a relatively small contacts list. With the Free plan, you can track your opportunities, create email campaigns, generate reports, and link your account to popular social media outlets. When you’re away from the computer, you can always stay in touch through CampaignerCRM’s mobile app. Certain features like lead management and advanced sales forecasting are only available with the Pro or SPM plans, but the Free plan is plenty if you’re starting out.

Accessible and comprehensive support

CampaignerCRM provides several resources on their website to help you learn how to use their software effectively. This includes an extensive knowledge base, FAQs, webinars, and other video tutorials. If you run into a problem you can’t solve yourself, you can contact CampaignerCRM’s support representatives through email, live chat, social media, or by phone. CampaignerCRM offers VIP assistants, real people who help you update your account information, add contacts, and more so you and your team can stay focused on generating more sales.

Strong mobile app

If you spend a lot of time out of the office, CampaignerCRM’s mobile app helps you stay connected to your opportunities, leads, and contacts. You can view, edit, and add new information to any of your accounts, and you can also generate reports on your progress. This app is available for BlackBerry, Android, Windows, and the iPhone.

The Bad

Weak customer case management

CampaignerCRM does not offer a way to create, track, or manage customer cases within the system so, if your customers have issues with your products, they have to find another way to contact you. If this is an issue for you, take a look at other software like Zendesk or Salesforce, both of which do offer these features.

Missing app marketplace and built-in tools

Unlike many of the popular software in the industry, CampaignerCRM does not have an app marketplace, limiting your ability to customize your account. Although this may be a dealbreaker for some, CampaignerCRM does integrate with social media and QuickBooks, which may be all you need. You also can’t produce invoices or sales orders within CampaignerCRM, as the software does not offer any inventory management capabilities on its own. However, it does integrate with QuickBooks, so you shouldn’t have any trouble if you use that software.

Multiple data deletion unavailable

CampaignerCRM does not provide a way to delete multiple data at once. To do so, you have to remove one piece at a time, which can be time-consuming and tedious, potentially decreasing overall staff productivity over the long term.

The Details


  • Contract Agreement: Annual, Month to Month
  • Data Storage: Unlimited
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Rate : $0 - $59.99/user
  • Number of Users: 1 - 150


CampaignerCRM Free

  • Monthly Rate: Free
  • Number of Users: 1
  • Data Storage: Unlimited

CampaignerCRM Pro

  • Monthly Rate: $29.99/user
  • Number of Users: 1 - 150
  • Data Storage: Unlimited


  • Monthly Rate: $59.99/user
  • Number of Users: 1 - 150
  • Data Storage: Unlimited

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