The 3 Best Contact Management Software Solutions

All of the best CRM software solutions include contact management software to keep contact information on clients and business partners all in one place. Contact management software stores personal information, such as phone numbers, emails, notes, documents, and more. There should also be access to additional tools for mobile access, help resources, and smooth navigation for overall ease of use. Each of these CRM software solutions has some of the best contact management features you can find.

Salesforce tops the list of the best contact management software based on a well-designed and easy to use interface, in addition to outstanding help and support resources. With Salesforce a contact record will display an individual’s personal contact information, such as name, title, phone number, and email, but it will also display other business information and documents gathered from past interactions with that contact. The contact record display makes it easy to go through past emails involving a contact person, view notes added by you or other coworkers, browse previous sales or business interactions, and gain an understanding of who else within your organization has dealt with a specific contact. You can also tag contacts with specific characteristics to indicate if a contact is, for example, a new business prospect, or whether they have decision making capabilities at their organization. Chatter is a enterprise social network feature within Salesforce, and it allows you to connect and collaborate with coworkers using personal status updates, similar to a social networking site. The price tag may not fit everyone’s budget, but the features lead the industry.

Zoho is a CRM with a contact management system that has affordable pricing and all of the basics for managing and building client relationships. Though Zoho’s tools and design are more limited than those of Salesforce, the simple interface makes for easy navigation that is quick to learn from the start. The best thing about Zoho is that you can have three users for free, which means you can get your contact management up and running at no cost. With Zoho you are able to add client contact information and details for easy tracking. Like other systems, you can upload relevant documents for easy reference, and also add call logs, notes, and your own custom tags. You can manage and send email to any contact directly within Zoho without needing to switch to a separate program. If you ever need to export contacts for a report or just as a data backup, Zoho lets you export in several file formats. The price of Zoho’s contact management software is a mere fraction of the competition’s pricing, yet it packs in most all of the necessary features that you will need to manage client relationships.

Sage is another great CRM that offers contact information, contact history, archived notes and files, plus integration with social networking profiles. The interface feels a little more cluttered than other contact management options, but everything is well organized into neat divisions showing everything you will need to manage relationships with contacts and business partners. You can store an unlimited number of contacts, and there are capabilities to integrate with Microsoft Outlook or sync with Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Additionally, you can sync contact records with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, so each contact will display up-to-date social networking profiles right within the Sage application. Sage has a well-known and respected product, and it can offer all you need to keep phone numbers, emails, to-do lists, and documents organized neatly in one place.