The 3 Best CRM Software Solutions for Nonprofits

An effective CRM application can be a fundamental part of a nonprofit organization’s success and is much more than just a fancy contact management system. CRM software consolidates information about constituent donations or participation history so that a nonprofit can leverage the strength of their relationships with donors, volunteers, members, staff, corporate sponsors, alumni, and others. An affordable CRM is ideal for most nonprofits, along with access to powerful reporting and communication tools that will help in measuring the effectiveness of marketing, outreach, and fundraising campaigns.

Zoho ranks as the best CRM software for nonprofits primarily due to its inexpensive pricing options, including an entirely free version for up to three users. Regular pricing runs $12 per user per month for a Professional version, and $35 per user per month for an Enterprise version, which offers more customizations, security controls, and data storage. Additionally, there is a discount available for nonprofit organizations, so these rates will run lower than quoted. Nonprofits looking for an economical CRM application will not have to sacrifice data capabilities with Zoho as it boasts all of the key CRM features and also offers comprehensive support. Zoho CRM has a simple design that is intuitive to use, so you can get up and running quickly. The reporting capabilities are also easy to use and there are a variety of prebuilt reports that you can run, or you can create your own custom reports with bar, pie, funnel, or line, charts. Dynamic data displays are a feature that let you look directly at relevant data points on any chart. Another bonus with Zoho is the built-in social CRM component, which allows you to engage with users on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Mobile access is also supported on any device with an Internet connection at no extra cost, and is yet another feature that adds to Zoho’s many strengths.

Vtiger is another cost-effective CRM software that ranks well for nonprofits because it has all of the basic features and is ideal for small organizations. Regular pricing is $12 per user per month, with no minimum or maximum number of users required. There is also a 15-day free trial and a 30% discount to nonprofit organizations when you provide documentation of your 501(c)(3) status. An intuitive and easy to navigate user interface and reasonable customer support make vtiger a top choice for a nonprofit that wants a system that can be up and running quickly without a steep learning curve. If you are a nonprofit that needs to manage any kind of inventory, vtiger offers one of the best inventory management tools, as well as the ability to manage purchase orders and sales orders. While vtiger makes available all the necessary features of a CRM application at a low cost, it lacks some extras like social integration.

Microsoft Dynamics makes the list of best CRM applications for nonprofits since it’s simple to use and also easy to download separate customizations. If your nonprofit organization already uses Microsoft Office products, the interface of Microsoft Dynamics will look familiar and make for very easy navigation. Reporting is one of the strongest features of Microsoft Dynamics. Seamless integration with Excel makes it easy to slice and dice data with pivot tables, and the dashboards offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allow you to drill deep into your data and see it visualized in custom charts and graphs. Regular pricing is $65 per user per month, but qualified nonprofit organizations can get Microsoft Dynamics CRM for just $9.99 per user per month. There is also a 30-day free trial so your organization can determine if it is the right fit before committing. The only limitation is that the Microsoft Dynamics application only runs on Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s own Internet browser, and this will require an extra work-around for Mac and Linux users.