Salesnet Review

Salesnet enables businesses to stay connected to their customers and campaigns on the go, and offers several tools for improving sales performance. However, the interface isn't the most user-friendly and there are quite a few missing capabilities that certain organizations may look for.

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The Good

Improve sales effectiveness

The Salesnet Process Builder enables you to design custom workflows around your unique business practices. Create a detailed list of the best practices for your salespeople to follow to ensure all your customers are receiving the same high-quality support. Customizable dashboards and reports make it easy to see what’s working and where you could use some improvement. The listing dashboard, in particular, is extremely useful because it lets you see all the most important information, including appointments, opportunities, contacts, and reports, all in one place. All of this makes Salesnet a powerful CRM software that’s perfect for any company looking to jumpstart their sales performance.

Solid on-the-go capabilities

With Salesnet, you can add and edit the information on your accounts when you don’t have Internet connection, as it automatically syncs once you’re connected to the web. Salesnet also offers a mobile app for Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and iPhones with many of the same functionalities offered by the online version. This is a convenient feature if you’re always on the go because it eliminates the need to constantly stay close to your computer.

Easy campaign creation and monitoring

Creating a campaign in Salesnet is as simple as clicking the Add Campaign button and filling in the required information. You then attach contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and documents. When you start to get responses from customers, you check the Summary Stats History tab to get an overview of how your campaign is performing, then view the entire campaign’s stats once the campaign culminates. Editing and deleting campaigns is easily done from the Campaign view, and you can also export a list of your campaigns to Microsoft Excel or Word.

Training on best practices

Because Salesnet is such a powerful, yet complex, software, investing in their implementation services is a good idea when you’re first getting started. This costs extra, but it’s worth thinking about because it can ease the transition for your employees and help you get the most out of your CRM software. Salesnet representatives guide you through the entire process and teach you and your employees how to use the software most effectively. Everything is tailored to your specific business and goals. There’s also the option to receive ongoing training to ensure you and your employees understand how to use the software for the company’s maximum benefit.

Helpful sales representatives

After signing up for a Salesnet trial, you are contacted by a representative who helps you set up your account and answers any questions. They remain in contact with you throughout your trial to assist you with any issues and help you purchase the software should you choose to do so. Having a knowledgeable representative assist you as you transition over to their software greatly eases the process, particularly for new CRM users.

The Bad

Less-than-stellar interface

Almost everything you click on within Salesnet opens a new window, and there’s no way around this. For instance, while you can make updates to preexisting contacts in the same window, you must open a new one if you’re adding any new information. The option to open multiple windows can be useful at times, but the constant switching back and forth between windows can be distracting to users, especially those who are accustomed to a CRM software with a more user-friendly interface.

Missing customer support functionality

If a customer has an issue with your product, there is no way for them to submit a case to you, nor a way for you to track customer cases within Salesnet. This may be an issue for companies that don’t want to purchase one software for CRM and another for customer support automation.

Inability to manage inventory

Salesnet does not come with any inventory management tools, such as the ability to create invoices and sales orders. While they aren’t the only CRM software that doesn’t provide these tools, there are several that do.

No third-party app options

Salesnet does not have an app marketplace so system customization is limited. This is rather unusual since almost all of the top CRM software in the industry offer some sort of app store to their customers. If you want to integrate your CRM software with popular third-party programs, you’ll need to check out other programs or use their API to create custom integrations.

No integration with social media

Salesnet does not offer a way to connect with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Viewing your contacts’ or leads’ recent updates and posts is very useful for purposes of consumer insight. The importance of this functionality depends on the organization, but if you want a company that offers strong integration with social media tools, there are several others out there to choose from.

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  • Monthly Rate: Contact Company
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