Zendesk Review

Zendesk excels when it comes to tracking and managing customer support tickets, but it falls short in most other areas of customer relationship management. Its ability to integrate with other popular CRM software still makes it worth considering for organizations that value its primary offerings.

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The Good

Easy handling of customer support tickets

When a customer submits a support ticket to you in Zendesk, it immediately appears in the queue of open tickets for your team to handle. You can then adjust its priority level, link or merge it with other tickets, reply to the customer, and attach files. Zendesk also enables you to design macros, which are prepared responses you can use to solve customer cases. This helps to streamline the customer support process and get answers to your customers more quickly. These macros can be shared with everyone or each user can create their own. When you’re finished with the ticket, just mark it as solved and move on to the next.

Excellent app marketplace

Zendesk provides an extensive app store that enables you to customize your account with everything from live chat and ecommerce to marketing and project management tools. Zendesk even integrates with several popular CRM software, which helps make up for its missing features. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can use Zendesk’s API to create your own third-party integrations. Most of these apps are completely free and very easy to install so you can have them up and running in no time.

Informative ticket stats

Not only does Zendesk enable you to manage and solve customer cases, but you can also keep track of certain stats like the number of tickets solved, overall customer satisfaction, and average response time. You can also view a leaderboard that shows data on each of your customer support representatives to accurately judge their performance. Custom reports are an option if the built-in choices don’t offer what you’re looking for, and Zendesk even enables you to compare your stats against those of similar companies.

Create a knowledge base

Zendesk provides a tool that enables you to create a knowledge base so you can post useful articles, such as basic information about your product and user guides that help with common problems. Setting up the knowledge base can be done in a few clicks, and you can choose from several designs to find one that best fits your company theme. A knowledge base typically helps you cut down on support ticket volume, enabling you to handle customer cases more quickly.

Powerful search tool

Zendesk makes it easy to locate people, organizations, or tickets within the system using their powerful search tool. You narrow your search to a certain time period and filter your results to help you find what you need even faster. Zendesk also enables you to add tags to tickets, people, and organizations, which helps you group certain users or cases within the system. This search tool makes Zendesk much easier to use and this feature should not be underestimated.

The Bad

Not a true CRM software

Because Zendesk is designed primarily for tracking and managing customer cases, it is missing many features that are central to most CRM software. You cannot create campaigns within the system nor can you keep track of your sales or generate reports on anything unrelated to customer support tickets. There is also no place to store information about opportunities and leads. However, Zendesk does integrate with several popular CRM solutions, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics, so it could still work for you.

The Details


  • Contract Agreement: Annual, Month to Month
  • Data Storage: Unlimited
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Rate : $1 - $195/user
  • Number of Users: 3 - Unlimited



  • Monthly Rate: $1 - $2/user
  • Number of Users: 3
  • Data Storage: Unlimited


  • Monthly Rate: $25 - $29/user
  • Number of Users: Unlimited
  • Data Storage: Unlimited


  • Monthly Rate: $59 - $69/user
  • Number of Users: Unlimited
  • Data Storage: Unlimited


  • Monthly Rate: $125 - $139/user
  • Number of Users: Unlimited
  • Data Storage: Unlimited

Enterprise Elite

  • Monthly Rate: $195/user
  • Number of Users: Unlimited
  • Data Storage: Unlimited

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