1ShoppingCart Review

1ShoppingCart is a capable ecommerce software with strong affiliate resources and comprehensive video tutorials. Monthly prices and transaction fees are a bit high, but you can make up for those costs with strong upsell tools.

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The Good

Good affiliate resources

Establishing an online presence and driving traffic to your store is an important element of a successful ecommerce business. To assist with these objectives, 1ShoppingCart provides a solid affiliate program that includes an affiliate tutorial, easy setup, and multiple management features. If you know an affiliate program will be an important aspect of your online store, or you have considered experimenting with a program, 1ShoppingCart may be a solid ecommerce software choice.

Comprehensive video tutorials

Jumping into the ecommerce industry with minimal experience can be intimidating. Most of the top ecommerce software products provide fairly comprehensive learning materials to help minimize the learning curve. 1ShoppingCart provides access to dozens of training videos that walk you step-by-step through a wide variety of ecommerce software tasks. If you lack confidence in your technical skills, these videos can be a great resource.

Helpful upsell tools

Offered with the Professional package, 1ShoppingCart’s upsell features can help you make more sales and generate additional revenue. The upselling feature includes the ability to conduct A/B split testing, allowing you to find the best combinations of complementary offers. Upselling may not be a feature that you immediately implement, but when your online store is ready, 1ShoppingCart makes the process easy.

The Bad

Transaction fees

Depending on the ecommerce package you select, 1ShoppingCart will charge a fee of 0.75 – 1.25% for every transaction. Charging a transaction fee is not uncommon in the ecommerce industry, with some reaching as high as 2% per transaction. For those that are looking to avoid transaction fees, there are several competitor products that do not charge a fee.

No low-cost option

Although 1ShoppingCart provides three different ecommerce packages, the lowest monthly rate costs $59 per month. Most competitor ecommerce software providers will offer an entry-level package that is not quite as expensive, with some rates starting as low as $9.99. If you are particularly sensitive to price, or are just looking to experiment with ecommerce software, it will be worth your time to shop around for an alternative solution.

User experience could use some improvement

Although 1ShoppingCart does offer a variety of features, overall the design feels a little outdated. Relative to some of the best ecommerce products on the market, the menu system, form interfaces, and task processes all come up a bit short. Functionality is ultimately the most important aspect of ecommerce software, but 1ShoppingCart may not be the best fit for those who appreciate modern design.

The Details


  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • Monthly Price : $59 - $249
  • Number of Products : Up to 500 - Unlimited
  • Storage Space : 3GB - 10GB
  • Transaction Fee : 0.75-1.25%



  • Monthly Price: $59
  • Transaction Fee: 1.25%
  • Products: Up to 500
  • Storage Space: 3GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited


  • Monthly Price: $119
  • Transaction Fee: 1%
  • Products: Unlimited
  • Storage Space: 5GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited


  • Monthly Price: $249
  • Transaction Fee: 0.75%
  • Products: Unlimited
  • Storage Space: 10GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

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