Magento Go Review

Magento Go provides an effective wizard tool to assist with major tasks and includes a quality dashboard and powerful reporting capabilities. Limitations on bandwidth and data may turn some away, but the overall pricing is very competitive.

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Magento Go has been shut down as of February 1, 2015. We encourage you to check out our review of a comparable product, Shopify.

The Good

Start My Store wizard

At the top of the administrator page, is a menu item called Start My Store. The Start My Store wizard will walk you through design, products, payments, shipping, and other fundamental ecommerce tasks. This can be a great resource for those feeling a little lost or overwhelmed and don’t know quite where to start.

Dynamic dashboard

The Magento Go dashboard is well designed and has a clean layout. When you log into the software the dashboard will be the default page displayed, giving you quick access to relevant information about your ecommerce store. The majority of top ecommerce software products have some form of dashboard, but the quality and relevancy varies. For those that value a quick overview of important metrics, the Magento Go dashboard will be appreciated.

Powerful reporting options

Reporting can be an excellent way to understand customer habits and gain insight into your ecommerce store. Magento Go offers powerful reporting options that cover topics like sales, shopping cart, products, customers, and more. Through these tools, you can find information about abandoned carts, orders, invoices, and several other insightful data points that can help you make better informed decisions.

Comprehensive knowledge base

you’re still trying to refine your ecommerce software skills, a comprehensive knowledge base can be an excellent resource. Magento Go provides access to dozens of helpful articles, with step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish common tasks. High-level help resource topics like build your store, manage your store, expand your store, and themes and design, make it easier for you to browse available content, or you can also do a keyword search.

Competitive pricing

With Magento Go, store managers can post up to 100 products for only $15/month, with no setup fee and no transaction fees. Although this isn’t the cheapest monthly rate for an ecommerce software, the ratio between the number of products and the monthly price offered by Magento Go is among the best in the industry and is very affordable. If you’re looking to get into the ecommerce industry, but concerned about cost, Magento Go should be a good fit.

Good product management features

As your ecommerce store starts to grow, having the ability to manage products becomes more important. Powerful sorting, filtering, and searching capabilities are just a few of the product management tools provided by Magento Go. In addition, you can add a low stock RSS feed, which notifies you that an item needs to be restocked.

The Bad

Missing some third party integrations

Third party integration allows a variety of tools and resources to be added to your ecommerce site. Magento Go provides access to many third party resources, but they are missing a decent number of integration options that are offered by other ecommerce software. Integration options are not going to be critical for every ecommerce store. Considering the type of functionality you want in your web store can help determine if the lacking integration options will impact your design plans.

Relatively few themes

Relative to some of the other top ecommerce software solutions on the market, Magento Go offers fewer themes. The Magento Go theme editor currently displays just under 40 themes for web store managers to choose from, but many of these differ only slightly in appearance. For those that are indecisive, having limited themes may actually be a good thing. However, if access to a greater variety of themes is important to you, Magento Go may not be the best ecommerce software solution.

Limited storage space and bandwidth

All of the Magento Go packages include limitations on storage space and bandwidth. As your online store grows, these limitations can be problematic, as you are charged extra when you exceed the data storage and bandwidth rates. Many of the top ecommerce software solutions will provide unlimited data storage and unlimited bandwidth, even on some of the lower level plans. If having to monitor bandwidth and data doesn’t sound appealing to you, it may be worth considering an ecommerce software provider that offers unlimited options.

The Details


  • Bandwidth : 4GB - 32GB
  • Monthly Price : $15 - $125
  • Number of Products : Up to 10,000
  • Storage Space : 200MB - 5GB
  • Transaction Fee : None


Get Going

  • Monthly Price: $15
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Up to 100
  • Storage Space: 200MB
  • Bandwidth: 4GB

Going Places

  • Monthly Price: $25
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Up to 500
  • Storage Space: 500MB
  • Bandwidth: 8GB

Go Beyond

  • Monthly Price: $65
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Up to 1,000
  • Storage Space: 800MB
  • Bandwidth: 16GB

Go Anywhere

  • Monthly Price: $125
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Up to 10,000
  • Storage Space: 5GB
  • Bandwidth: 32GB

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