Volusion Review

Volusion is a powerful ecommerce software with fantastic marketing capabilities. While they don't provide a hosted blog, their otherwise comprehensive features are sure to fit the needs of many business owners, small and large.

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The Good

Dozens of templates to choose from

Finding the right design is an important aspect of a successful ecommerce store. Volusion starts you off with 49 unique templates that you can customize to fit your business’ aesthetic. Not all of the templates are free, but you can filter according to price, category, industry, and color, enabling you to find a template that matches your needs.

Comprehensive payment options

Volusion offers access to multiple payment gateways, allowing you find the solution that is best suited for your ecommerce needs. Volusion accepts all major credit cards, as well as online payment services like Stripe and Paypal. By facilitating multiple payment options, Volusion lets your customers utilize the payment method they find most convenient.

Deal of the day discounts

Volusion has a Deal of the Day feature that allows you to create limited-time discounts that are displayed on a special landing page. You will have control over which products are included in the deal as well as how long the deal is valid for. You can then link to the deal from any navigation menu or in an email campaign.

Hints on major forms

Volusion places hints on major forms to assist you with the learning process. Next to each field on a form is a question mark icon. When you click the icon, a short description of the purpose of the field is presented, allowing you to get a more thorough understanding of how the information in each field is used. Getting comfortable with a new software can take some time, but features like this can help the learning process go quickly.

Easily post to social media sites

Volusion offers a variety of resources designed to help you market your online store. One of these marketing tools is an interface that allows you to create messages that are automatically posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can add links to products and categories and submit content to both websites with one click. Marketing resources like these save you time as you work to stay connected with your customers.

Quality inventory management

As your ecommerce store grows and more products are added to your website, keeping track of inventory can be a difficult task. Volusion provides solid inventory management resources, including the ability to customize the data fields displayed with each product, and the ability to import and export product lists. You also have tools to assist with managing vendors, purchases, and warehouses.

The Bad

No built-in blogging platform

Although Volusion offers several marketing resources, they do not currently offer a built-in blogging platform. Blogging can be a low-cost way to build relationships with your customers, drive traffic to your website, and establish a better online presence. In addition, a blog allows you to easily add fresh content to your site, providing new material for your customers to browse. Volusion websites can link to external blogs, enabling you to use your preferred blog platform. Instead of updating your blog through Volusion, you’ll need to stay logged into your WordPress or Blogger account. It’s a small inconvenience, as accessing your blog through your ecommerce portal would be ideal.

The Details


  • Bandwidth : 1GB - 40GB
  • Monthly Price : $15 - $135
  • Number of Products : Up to 100 - Unlimited
  • Storage Space : Unlimited
  • Transaction Fee : None



  • Monthly Price: $13.50 - $15
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Up to 100
  • Storage Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 1GB


  • Monthly Price: $31.50 - $35
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Up to 1,000
  • Storage Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 3GB


  • Monthly Price: $67.50 - $75
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Up to 10,000
  • Storage Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 10GB


  • Monthly Price: $121.50 - $135
  • Transaction Fee: None
  • Products: Unlimited
  • Storage Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 35GB

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