ProForm 14.0 CE Review

In addition to its low price, the ProForm 14.0 CE has great onboard programs, extra safety features, and a folding design, making it one of the best elliptical machines on the market.

This model has been discontinued. We recommend that you check out our review of a comparable model called the SOLE E95.

The Good

Folding design

The ProForm 14.0 CE is ideal for anyone with limited space. When you’re finished with your workout, simply fold the machine and store it somewhere out of the way. This folding design is not found on many other elliptical machines, so if it is something that interests you, taking a closer look at the ProForm 14.0 CE may be a smart move.

Very affordable

Perhaps one of the best things about the ProForm 14.0 CE is its price. This machine offers numerous workout options, entertainment features, a folding design, and additional safety features all for less than a third of the most expensive elliptical machines. Those interested in getting a lot for their money will have a hard time finding a better deal than the ProForm 14.0 CE.

Several onboard workouts

Having access to many different workout programs can be the key to keeping you committed to using your elliptical. If this is of high priority to you, the ProForm 14.0 CE may just be the perfect solution. This machine comes with interval, weight loss, and heart rate workouts, in addition to the standard manual mode. It also offers a random workout option, which is another great way to mix up your workouts. If none of those interest you, then you could consider getting an iFit membership. The iFit fitness app offers tons of workouts to choose from with courses all over the world. You can track your workout progress and even race others on the same course. An iFit membership will cost you extra, but it can make a really nice addition to the ProForm 14.0 CE.

Adjustable stride and incline

The ability to adjust your elliptical is crucial to the overall comfort of the workout experience. With the ProForm 14.0 CE, you can adjust the stride length to suit your needs and you can adjust the incline of the machine to take your workout to the next level. This is especially easy with the powered incline feature — all you have to do is press a button. Tools like these can go a long way toward making your overall user experience much better, and this makes the ProForm 14.0 CE one elliptical that is definitely worth considering.

Locking pin safety feature

A locking pin is a really nice feature that secures the pedals of the elliptical machine in place when it is not being used. When you want to use the machine again, simply pull out the pin and you are ready to go. A locking pin will be especially appreciated by households with small children as they may be tempted to play on the elliptical and could get injured. With this feature in place, you have one less thing you need to worry about.

Racetrack display

During your workout, the ProForm 14.0 CE allows you to track your progress on a racetrack display. While not an essential feature, this is a nice added bonus and may be appreciated by those who are training for a race.

The Bad

Short electronics and parts warranties

Electronics and parts warranties are pretty important to an elliptical, especially to one like the ProForm 14.0 CE which has advanced electronics features like iFit capability and a racetrack display. But for this machine, the electronics and parts warranties are up after a year. Though some ellipticals offer considerably worse warranties, this is still one area where the ProForm 14.0 CE could use a little bit of improvement.

The Details


  • Price: $799

Shipping and Assembly

  • Assembly: $249
  • Front Door: Free
  • In-Home: $99
  • In-Room: $179


  • Elliptical Machine Length: 79.8"
  • Elliptical Machine Width: 27"
  • Incline Levels: 10° - 25°
  • Max Weight Allowed: 300 lbs
  • Product Weight: 223 lbs
  • Resistance Levels: 14 Levels
  • Stride Length Levels: 18"


  • Electronics: 1 year
  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Labor: 1 year
  • Parts: 1 year

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