The 3 Best ProForm Ellipticals

Selecting the best ProForm elliptical machine can be challenging, as ProForm offers several high-quality machines at very affordable prices. These machines typically come with a lot of onboard programs, advanced entertainment options, and even some unique features you won’t find on many other ellipticals, such as a folding frame design or self-generating electronics. When choosing between several different ProForm models, considering these unique features can help make the decision easier. Because they do so many other things well, you can choose a ProForm model largely based on what additional features it has and still end up with a great machine that gets all the basics right.

The ProForm 14.0 CE is one of the best elliptical machines available and well deserving of the title of best ProForm elliptical machine. This model comes with strong frame features and a folding frame design which is sure to be appreciated by anyone looking to save space. It also has no shortage of onboard programs. This machine comes with interval, weight loss, and heart rate programs, along with a random program. In addition, the ProForm 14.0 CE is also compatible with iFit, giving users access to workout tracking software and lots of additional programs. A locking pin safety feature and a racetrack display are other nice touches you will find on this machine, which might help make up for its missing chest pulse sensor. With all these features, you might expect the ProForm 14.0 CE to cost a lot, but it comes in at a shockingly budget-friendly price, making this one elliptical that is most definitely worth a closer look.

Nabbing the second place spot is the ProForm 990 CSE. Though its workout selection is more limited than the 14.0 CE, the 990 CSE offers a lot of similar features that fans of ProForm products are sure to enjoy. Its frame features are very strong and include a powered incline function and an adjustable stride, a nice option that can help anyone get comfortable with the feel of this machine. Like the 14.0 CE, the 990 CSE also has a folding frame design. A built-in console fan and reading rack also come with this machine, as does iFit. Though this program requires a membership to use, its spectacular features may be worth it for some. The ProForm 990 CSE is slightly more expensive than the 14.0 CE, but should still fit easily into most people’s budgets.

The ProForm 1200 E rounds out the best ProForm ellipticals list thanks to its great console features and unique self-generating electronics. The ProForm 1200 E makes use of the energy you create to power the machine’s electronics. This is a really interesting feature not found on other ellipticals, and it has the potential to save you money since you no longer have to pay to power your machine. The ProForm 1200 E also comes with a built-in console fan and reading rack, which should help make your workout experience much more comfortable. It may be missing a few common workout programs and incline capability, but with so many other great features, these flaws shouldn’t stop you from considering the ProForm 1200 E.