ProForm ZE 6 Review

The ProForm ZE 6 offers a lot of variety in a small machine, ideal for frequent exercisers without much extra space in their homes. The price is budget-friendly compared to other ellipticals.

This model has been discontinued. We recommend that you check out our review of a comparable model called the SOLE E95.

The Good

Compact size

Measuring just 67″ by 25″, the ProForm ZE 6 fits comfortably into many small homes and apartments. Though there are some other models that fold up and take up even less space, the folding mechanism renders the machine a little less sturdy than non-folding models. As a non-folding machine with a small footprint, the ProForm ZE 6 gives you the best of both worlds.

18 available workouts

The ProForm ZE 6 elliptical comes with 18 different preset workouts, including interval, random, and calorie-burning programs. Random workouts are a good option for switching up your exercise routine while calorie-burning programs are helpful to those trying to lose weight. Certain programs let you set a target speed, which is a helpful motivator to some. Individuals who use the heart rate hand grips on the ZE 6 are also able to use the target heart rate programs designed to improve cardiovascular fitness. And for those who like to maintain more control over their workouts, there’s always the manual mode.

Easy to adjust resistance level

You can easily adjust the resistance level on the ProForm ZE 6 using the + and – buttons on the console. The machine also comes with Silent Magnetic Resistance™ technology, which helps make the transition between the resistance levels nice and smooth so your workout rhythm doesn’t get disrupted by the change. This is especially beneficial to individuals who enjoy interval workouts because these often involve a lot of switching between different resistance levels.

Powered electrically or with batteries

The ProForm ZE 6 console can be plugged into the wall or powered by batteries, giving you more options of where to place your machine. If you decide to go with a battery-operated console, you don’t have to worry about making sure the elliptical is close enough to an outlet. You can put it wherever you’d like provided you have the space for it. This isn’t a deciding factor when purchasing an elliptical machine, but it’s still something to keep in mind if you’re considering the ProForm ZE 6.

The Bad

No built-in fan

Though it’s become standard on many ellipticals today, the ProForm ZE 6 doesn’t have a built-in console fan to help keep you cool while you exercise. While this isn’t a central component to an elliptical machine, it’s much more convenient than trying to set up a separate fan to achieve the same effect. If you’d like a machine that does have a console fan, you might want to check out the ProForm 14.0 CE. This machine offers many features similar to the ZE 6, plus a console fan, all for under $1,000.

Must adjust incline manually

Though the ProForm ZE 6 has an incline that can be adjusted up to 20 degrees, there is no way to change this without manually moving the positions of the pedals yourself. Some ellipticals have a power incline feature that works much like the power incline on a treadmill and automatically increases the incline with the touch of a button. If you enjoy walking or running uphill, you may want to opt for one of these models instead. However, many ellipticals out there don’t incline at all, so even a manually inclining machine is extremely valuable.

The Details


  • Price: $999

Shipping and Assembly

  • Assembly: $249
  • Front Door: Free
  • In-Home: $99
  • In-Room: $179


  • Elliptical Machine Length: 67"
  • Elliptical Machine Width: 25"
  • Incline Levels: 3° - 20°
  • Max Weight Allowed: 300 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Resistance Levels: 18 levels
  • Stride Length Levels: 18" - 20"


  • Electronics: 1 year
  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Labor: 1 year
  • Parts: 1 year

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